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$ 64 question, the


"Or" question, "return to drawer" cheque, "WH" question


1 bed house




50 million Elvis' fans can't be wrong, 50 million Elvis' fans cannot be wrong, 50 million Elvis's fans can't be wrong, 50 million Elvis's fans cannot be wrong


8000 words


a bad job, a bad quarter of an hour, A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, A bird may be known by its flight, a bird's eye view, a bit, a bit above oneself, A cat may look at a king, A cat may look at the Queen, a chapter of accidents, a clean bill of health, A cobbler should stick to his last, a couple of bricks short, a crying jag, a dead cert, a dozen times, A drop hollows out a stone, A drowning man clutches at straw, a family of a few persons, a far cry from, a fat job, a few, a few times in a row, A fine kettle of fish!, A fly will not get into a closed mouth, A fly won't get into a closed mouth, a fortiori, A friend at court is better than a penny in purse, A friend in court is better than a penny in purse, A friend in need is a friend indeed, a good deal of, A good example is the best sermon, a good few, a good head of hair, A good Jack makes a good Jill, a good job, a great deal of, a great number of, A Happy New Year!, a high time, a hill of beans, A hungry man is an angry man, a jack of all trades and master of none, a job of work, A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, a kick in one's gallop, a kind of (smth.), a large number of, a large order, a little, A little help is worth a deal of pity, a long time, a long way, a lot of, A man can't live by bread alone, A man cannot live by bread alone, A man is judged by his deeds, not by his words, a man of character, A man should not be struck when he is down, A man shouldn't be struck when he is down, a matter of concernment, a matter of course, a matter of fact, a matter of great importance, a matter of habit, a matter of honor, a matter of importance, a matter of indifference, a matter of life and death, a matter of luck, a matter of opinion, a matter of peculiar interest, a matter of smth., a matter of taste, a Ministry for the Environment, a Ministry of Communications, a Ministry of Labor & Social Affairs, a number of (smb., smth.), a pair of Cs, A peasant will not cross himself before it begins to thunder, a picture of (smb., smth.), a piece of advice, a piece of cake, a point of honor, a point of peculiar interest, a question of smth., A raven will not peck another raven's eye, A raven won't peck another raven's eye, A rich man's joke is always funny, A rolling stone gathers no moss, a screw loose, a sea of troubles, a short time, a sign of the time, a sign of the times, A single thread from everyone - and there is a shirt for a naked one, A single thread from everyone - and there's a shirt for a naked one, a sort of (smth.), A sparrow in the hand is better than a cock on the roof, A stitch in time saves nine, a sure thing, a thin time, a thing of the past, a thousand thanks for, A truer word was never spoken, A variety is the spice of life, a waste of time, A wolf will not eat wolf, A wolf won't eat wolf, a word and a blow, a word in one's ear, a word in season, a word out of season, A word spoken is past recalling, A word to the reader, A word to the wise, A-life, a.a.r., A.C., A.D., a.f., a.k.a., A.M., A.R., A.T., a/c, A/F, AA, AB, ABC, abdominal pain, abide by, abide with, about smb./smth., about time, about to, above all (else), above mentioned, above oneself, above reach, above suspicion, abreast of the times, Absence makes the heart grow fonder, absence of dual criminality, absolute abstinence, absolute liability, abundant experience, abuse of power, AC, AC/DC, accept liability for smth., accept one's sincerest gratitude for, accord a favor, accord permission, according to, account current, account for, account staff, accounting department, accrued income, accuse of, accustomed to, ace at smth., ace in the hole, ace of aces, the, ace of diamonds, the, ace of trumps, the, ace up one's sleeve, achieve one's purpose, achieve the purpose, acid head, acid rock, acid test, the, acknowledge the receipt of a letter, acoustic reflex, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, acronym abuse, across from, across the board, act like a man, act of God, act the giddy goat, act the goat, act up, action man, action replay, action required, Actions speak louder than words, active partner, actual total loss, ad hoc, ad hoc committee, ad lib, add fuel to the flame, add insult to injury, add up, add up to, addle one's head, address oneself to (doing smth.), adhesive tape (us.)


B, B.B., B.C., B.L., B.M., B.R., b.y.o., B.Y.O.B., B.Y.O.G., B/D, B/H, B/R, babbling brook, babe in the woods, babes and sucklings, baby gangster, Baby's Daddy, Bachelor of Divinity, Bachelor of law, back against the wall, back and forth, back away, back down, back of beyond, back of the head, back off, back out, back out of smth., back talk, back to the wall, back up, back-seat driver, back-up light (us.), backwards and forwards, bad debt, bad egg, bad job, a, bad loan, bad luck, bad management, Bad news travels fast, bad paper, bad quarter of an hour, a, bad shit, bad work, badly down, badly off for smth., bag it, bags I, bags!, balance sheet, ball game, ball is in one's court, the, ball of fire, ball park figure, ball point pen, balled up, banana(s) oil, banana(s) truck, bank card, bank draft, bank on, bank secrecy, bank services, banker's checque, banker's draft, banker's transfer, banking business, Baptism of fire, barber's cat, bare bones, the, bare facts, bare one's head, bare outline, bargaining chip, bark at the moon, bark up the wrong tree, barrelled weapon, base on smth., baseball bat, bash one's head against a tree, bask in the sun, basket case, bat one's gums, bate an ace, bats in one's belfry, battle management, Baumes rush, bay at the moon, bay the moon, BB, BBC, BBC English, BCC, BD, be + figure, be + figure + years old, be a big selling point, be a couple of bricks short, be a liability in a firm, be a must, be able to, be able to stand on one's own feet, be about, be about to do smth., be above, be above oneself, be absent from smth., be accorded permission, be accustomed to, be afraid of, be after, be against, be all, be all about, be all ears, be all eyes, be all on end, be all over, be all over now, be all plain sailing, be all shaken up, be all the rage, be all wet, be an old hand at smth., be angry with, be anxious to do smth., be armed at all points, be around, be art and part in smth., be ashamed of, be at, be at home, be at it, be at odds, be at odds with (smb., smth.), be at one's best, be at one's moms, be at one's wits end, be at smth., be available, be aware of..., be away, be back, be behind, be behind in..., be behind time, be behind with, be beside the point, be better than one's word, be born in (year, place), be bound apprentice, be bound by smth., be bound for (some place), be bound in honor, be bound to be, be bound to do smth., be bound to happen, be bound up in (smb., smth.), be brand loyal, be busy, be busy with, be but smth., be called for, to, be capable of doing smth., be careful, be careful about, be careful for, be careful to check (that), be carried away, be caught in the rain, be caught napping, be caught off guard, be charged with a crime, be clever at, be color blind, be colour blind, be comfortably off, be composed of, be confident in, be consumed with envy, be continued, to, be convicted for, be convicted of, be crowded with smb., be dead on, be deep in debt, be deep in thought, be different from, be disgusted with smb., smth., be divorced, be dizzy with a dame, be done by smb., be done in, be done in smth., be done with smth., be down, be down and out, be down on one's uppers, be down to one's last nickel, be due in


C. in C., c. u., C.A., c.a., c.c., C.O., C.V., CA, CAA, Cable News Network, CAD, CAE, cakes and ale, call a halt, call at, call attention to, call back, call copper, call cousins, call down, call for, call for appointment, call girl, call in, call in evidence, call in question, call into, call into being, call into play, call it a day, call names, call off, call on, call one's attention to, call one's bluff, call out, call over, call over the coals, call smb. back, call smb. home, call smb. names, call smb. to account, call the play, call the roll, call the rolls, call the score, call the shot, call the tune, call time, call to account, call to attention, call to mind, call to order, call to the bar, call to witness, call upon, called for, calm down, can house, can live with it, can of worms, Can the leopard change his spots?, can't afford, Can't breath enough before death, can't but do smth., can't help doing smth., can't make head or tail of it, can't stand smb. (smth.), can't stand to do smth., can't thank smb. enough for, cancel out, cancellation clause, candy floss (uk.), candy store (us.), Cannot breath enough before death, cannot but do smth., cannot help doing smth., cannot make head or tail of it, cannot stand smb. (smth.), cannot stand to do smth., cannot thank smb. enough for, cap in hand, capable of doing smth., capital goods, capital surpluses, car park, carbon copy, Carbon monoxide, card up one's sleeve, care a bean (for smb., smth.), care a bit, care a brass farthing, care a button, care a cent, care a continental, care a curse, care a damn, care a darn, care a dern, care a doit, care a farthing, care a fiddlestick, care a fig, care a groat, care a hang, care a hill of beans, care a hoot, care a hoot in Hades, care a iota, care a jack-straw, care a jot, care a pin, care a rap, care a red cent, care a rush, care a sixpence, care a snap, care a stiver, care a straw, care a thing, care a tinker's curse, care a tinker's damn, care a twopence, care a twopenny, care a whoop, care about, care for, care of, care two hoots, care two hoots in hell, care two pins, care two straws, careful about, careful for, careful to check (that), careless of smb., Caritas Internationalis, carried away, carrot and stick, carry away, carry more sacks to the mill, carry off, carry on, carry on a business, carry one's point, carry out, carry out flights, carry over, carry the can, carry the consent of..., carry through, carry-on luggage, cartridge case, case at issue (us.), case dough, case in point, the, case of conscience, cash against acceptance, cash against documents, cash allowance, cash assets, cash audit, cash balance, cash crop, Cash down!, cash in, cash in advance, cash in bank, cash in hand, cash in on, cash in one's chips, cash on delivery, Cash on the nail!, cash payment, cash price, cash receipts, cash register, cash remittance, cash sale, cash tenant, cash with bank, cash with order, cast a veil, cast pearls before swine, casual work, cat and mouth, cat did, The, Cat got your tongue?, cat in the pan, cat is out of the bag, The, cat jumps, The, cat may look at a king, A, cat may look at the Queen, A, cat people, cat person, cat shuts its eyes when it steals the cream, The, cat's pajamas, the, cat's pyjamas, the, cat's whiskers, the, catch at


D.A., D.C., D.I.B., D/A, DA, dab hand at smth., daddy of them all, daily pursuits, damage from, damage to, Damn (it)!, damn all, damn smb. with faint phrase, damn smth. with faint phrase, damp squib, dance attendance on (smb.), DAP, Darby and Joan, dare say, dare to conclude, dark horse, dark meat, data received, day before, the, day by day, Day of Atonement, day off, Daylight Saving Time, DC, dead cert, a, dead drunk, dead duck, dead end, dead heat, dead in the water, dead lane, dead line, dead lock, dead on, dead ringer for (smb. / smth.), dead to shame, dead-end kid, deadly weapon, deaf as a beetle, deaf as a post, deaf as a stone, deaf as an adder, deal with, Death and proverbs love brevity, death certificate, debatable land, debatable point, debt bondage, debt funding, debt load, decide on smth., declaration of income, declare smth., decline one's head on one's breast, decrease in smth., decrease several times, deed of partnership, Deeds, not words, deep calls unto deep, deep cloud, deep delight, deep feelings, deep file, deep freeze, deep in debt, deep in one's mind, deep in thought, deep inside, deep into the night, deep knowledge, deep regret, deep secret строгая тайна, большой секрет, deep water, deep, the, deeply grateful for, Defence Assistant, defence of a thesis, Definitely not, degrading treatment, degree of success, delegate authority, delighted with, deliver goods by order, deliver goods upon order, deliver passengers, delivery and acceptance act, delivery receipt, delivery terms, demand for smth., denial of entry, department manager, Department of Commerce, Department of the Army, Department of the Interior (в США), department store, depend on, depend upon, deposit of one's instrument of ratification, deprivation of liberty, deprive of, deprive smb. of smth., deputy chief, deputy director, deputy manager, description of test, design is subject to alterations, the, desk chair, desk clerk, despite of, despite the fact that..., destructive device, detection of offence, deter all forms of money-laundering, deter the commission of offence, deter the exertion of inappropriate influence, devil is not so black as he is painted, The, devil is not so frighful as he is painted, The, devil isn't so black as he is painted, The, devil isn't so frighful as he is painted, The, devil may care, diamond cut diamond, diamond of the first water, DIB, die away, die by, die down, die for (+ сущ.), die game, die is cast, the, die of, die out, die to (+ гл.), different as chalk from cheese, different from, different in quality, different kettle of fish, difficult for smb., dig in, dig out, dig up, dine with Duke Humphrey, dining room, dinner in the diner, dip one's finger in smth., dip one's fingers in smth., dip the bill, dipsy doodle, direct authority, direct current, director general, dirty deed, dirty dog, dirty tricks, disabuse one's mind, disappointed with, disband a company, Disc Jockey, discharge the obligation, discount coupon, discount house, discrepancy between, discretionary legal powers, disguising of the illicit origin of property, disgusted with smb., smth., dish the dirt, disjunctive question, Disk Jockey, disposal of confiscated proceeds of crime, dissolve a partnership, distribute profits and losses, distribution department, distribution operation, District Attorney, District of Columbia, diversion of firearms, Divide and conquer, Divide and govern, Divide and rule, divide into, divide the House, division with remainder, divorce smb., DIY, dizzy with a dame, DJ, do a cold turkey, do a deal (with), do a dry, do a good trade in smth., do a guy, do a job on smb., smth., do a number, do a thing, Do and die, do as smb. is told


e.g. (лат.), each and every, each other, each way, eager beaver, eager to do smth., ear to the ground, Early bird gets the worm, early release, earn a good salary, earn a good wage, earn a salary, earn good wages, earn one's wings, earn salaries, earned income, ease of body and mind, ease off, ease up, easier said than done, east of, East or West, home is best, East or West, home is the best, Eastern Standart Time, Easy come, easy go, easy dig, Easy does it, easy game, easy going, easy in one's morals, easy mark, easy option, easy rider, eat away, Eat it!, eat like a bird, eat like a horse, eat no fish, eat one's cake and have it, eat one's fill, eat one's head, eat one's head off, eat one's heart out, eat one's words, eat out, Eat shit, eat dirt!, eat smb. out, eat up smth., Eavesdroppers never hear any good of themselves, Economic and Social Council, Economic Commission for Europe, Edam-type cheese, edge out, editor in chief,, eel juice, effecting service of judicial document, EFL, egg smb. on to do smth., Eggs can't teach a hen, Eggs cannot teach a hen, eggs in the coffee, eight thousand words, either way, elder than, elect to a position, electric cure, electrical short circuit, elephant ears, elevate the mind, eligible for a loan, embarrassed by the question, emergency exit, emotionally balanced, employment agency, employment agent, employment exchange, employment sheet, empty barrel makes the greatest sound, An, Empty vessels make more noise, Empty vessels make the greatest sound, end is the crown of any affair, The, end is the crown of any work, The, End justifies the means, end of smb., end of the line, the, end of the road, end product, end up, endorced cheque, enforce a sentence, engage for, engaged in, engaged with, engineer in chief,, English as a Foreign Language, English for special purposes, enjoy oneself, Enjoy yourself!, Enjoy yourselves!, enjoyment of all rights and guarantees, enough of (smb., smth.), enough to choke a horse, enough to make a cat laugh, enter a higher educational establishment, enter a house, enter a room, enter partnership, enter the House, entertainment of time, entice into, envious of, envy smb., EOE, equal obligation(s), equal opportunities employment, equilibrium point, equity funding, eradicate the illicit trafficking in firearms, ere long, ere then, ere this, erroneous belief, errors and omissions excluded, Eskimo dog, ESP, especially as, EST, establish a branch, establish a business, estimated future liability, estimated selling price, estimated time of arrival, et cetera, ETA, Eternal Word, EU, European Commission, European Community, European Union, European Women's Lobby, Euskodi Ta Azkatasuna, evade legal consequences of one's action, evade the administration of justice, evaluate through interviews, Even a wart adds something to the body, Even a wise man stumbles, even chance, an, Even the wart adds something to the body, even though, even up score, ever since, Every cloud has a silver lining, Every dog has his day, every Jack has his Gill, every Jack has his Jill, Every man has a fool in his sleeve, every man Jack, every other, Every sandpiper praises its own swamp, every second, Every seed knows its time, Every success in, every time, every Tom, Dick, and Harry, every Tom, Dick, or Harry, Everything is good in its season, evidentiary item, evidentiary requirements, evidentiary rules, ex ship, ex works, examine objects and sites, exc.sal., excellent at, excellent salary, exception proves the rule, the, exception to the rule, excess fare, exchange broker, exchange business, exchange clause, exchange control, exchange copy, exchange currency, exchange fluctuations, exchange for, exchange greetings, exchange is falling, exchange is rising, exchange is steady, exchange letters, exchange list, exchange loss, exchange of civilities, exchange of commodities, exchange of commodity, exchange of fire, exchange of goods, exchange of prisoners, exchange of ratifications


f.p.a., f.t., face it, face of a clock, face smb., smth., face the music, face up, face up to, face value, fact being characteristic of, the, fact of the matter, the, facts speak for themselves, the, fag hag, faintest idea, the, faintest notion, the, fair and square, fair argument, fair do's, fair enough, fair game, fair market, fair sex, fair treatment, fair weather, fair words, fair words butter no parsnips, fair's fair, fair-haired boy, fair-weather friend, faire suivre, fairweather friends, fakeloo artist, faking out, fall about, fall all over oneself, fall asleep, fall back on (smb. / smth.), fall behind, fall behind with smth., fall between two stools, fall down on smth., fall flat, fall for, fall for smb., fall for smth., fall foul of, fall from grace, fall in, fall in love with smb., fall in with smb., fall in with smth., fall into the habit, fall off, fall off the wagon, fall on deaf ears, fall on one's face, fall on smth., fall out, fall over, fall over backwards, fall over oneself, fall short of, fall through, fall thru, fall to, fall together, false belief, False friends are worse than open enemies, false key, family business, family name, family of a few persons, family skeleton, famous for, FAQ, far and away, far cry from, a, far from it, far from smth., far out, fare dodging, fart about, fast buck, fast talker, fasten belts, fasten up, fasten your belts, fat cat, fat chance, fat frying, fat is in the fire, the, fat job, a, Father Time, fathoms deep in love, fathoms deep in smth., fathoms deep into smth., favorable psychological effect, favorable reply, FBI, feasible measures, feasible plan, Feast of Booths, Feast of Dedication, Feast of Lights, Feast of Lots, Feast of Matzot, Feast of Spring, Feast of Tabernacles, feather one's nest, fed up with, Federal Agency of Governmental Communication and Information, federal agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Federal Union of Women's Organizations and Women's Groups of German Associations, feed the information into computer, feel a lot of things differently, feel a vacuum in the lower regions, feel blue, feel free to (do smth.), feel giddy, feel like (doing smth.), feel like a fish out of water, feel low, feel out, feel the pulse of, feel things differently, feel up, feel up to smth., feign illness, Few cards short of a full deck, Few fries short of a happy meal, few times in a row, a, few, a, fielding play, FIFO, fifty million Elvis' fans can't be wrong, fifty million Elvis' fans cannot be wrong, fifty million Elvis's fans cannot be wrong, fight another person's quarrel for him, fight like cat and dog, fight one's quarrel, fight one's quarrel for smb., figure out, file separator, fill in, fill out, fill smb. in, fill smb. with daylight, fill the bill, filling station, Financial Action Task Force, financial regulatory authorities, financial statement, find a needle in a haystack, find out, find out the times of smth., find quarrel in a straw, find what o'clock it is, Fine feathers make fine birds, Fine goings on!, Fine kettle of fish, A, fine smb., fine smb. some sum, fine some sum, fine words, Fine words butter no parsnips, finger in the pie, firm as a rock, firm belief, firm's financial condition, first and foremost, first floor, the (uk.), first floor, the (us.), First in First Out, first man home in the race, the, first name, first of all, first story, the (us.), first time offender, First try, then trust, first, last and all the time, fiscal matter, fiscal year, fish around, fish for smth., fish or cut bail, fish out of water, fish will soon be caught that nibbles at every bait, The, fit as a fiddle, fit as a pudding for a friar's mouth, fit like a glove, fit smb., smth., fit to hold a candle, fix a problem, fix a time, fix smb. a drink, fixed game, flag state, flare up, flash in the pan


G, G.A.L., G.B., G.O., GA, gain a deeper insight into.., to, gain an advantage of smb., gain an advantage over smb., gain clout, gain one's aim, gain one's point, gain one's purpose, gain the aim, gain the purpose, gain time, GAL, gallon of white, game a plan, game away проигрывать, Game is not worth the candle, the, Game is over, the, Game is up, the, Game is worth the candle, the, Game isn't worth the candle, game over, game to do anything, GAO, GAP, garbage down, gas bomb, gas house, gas station, gathering of intelligence, gay dog, gay guy, GB, GCT, GD, gd w fig., gd.sal. & ben., gd.sal. and ben., GDP, gear lever (uk.), gear shift, gear up, Gee whiz!, Geese with geese, and women with women, gen.ofc.wk, General Accounting Office, General Assembly, general audiences, general average loss, general business, general manager, general office, general office work, general partner, general partnership (us.), general question, gentlemen's agreement, German Federal Republic, the, get a bit above oneself, get a boner, get a boost, get a cold, get a good salary, Get a grip, get a handle on, get a hint, get a job, get a kick out of, get a knack for (doing) smth., get a knack of (doing) smth., Get A Life, get a nap, get a pig in a pie, get a pig in a poke, get a raise, get a screw loose, get a slant, get about, get above oneself, get across to, get ahead of the game, get ahold of, get ahold of oneself, get along, get along well, get along with (smb., smth.), get an advantage of smb., get an advantage over smb., get an idea across, Get anything given - run being beaten, get around, get away, get away with, get away with things, get back, get back on track, get back to smb., get behind, get better, get beyond first base (with smth.), get beyond the first base (with smth.), get by, get clear, get cold feet, get dark, get down, get down on smb., get down to business, get edgy, get even, get fat, get gas house, get going, get good earnings, get hold of, get hold on, get hold over, get hold upon, get home, get in, get in a word, get in on the act, get in the groove, get in touch with, get into a huff, get into a jam, get into a mess, get into a state, get into effect, get into hot water, get into trouble, get into trouble with the law, get involved in(to), get it, get it made, get it out, get it straight, get it wrong, get it wrong way, get late, get lost, get married to smb., get no business doing smth., get nowhere, get off, get off on smth., get off one's back, get off the dime, get off the hook, get off the hook from, get on, get on like a house on fire, get on like one o'clock, get on one's nerves, get on top of smth., get one's act together, get one's cards, get one's dander up, get one's goat, get one's jaws tight, get one's just deserts, get one's leave (шотл.), get one's priorities, get one's priorities right, get one's teeth into smth., get one's ticket, get one's walking orders, get one's walking papers, get one's walking ticket, get out, get out of hand, get out of smth., get over, get past first base (with smth.), get past the first base (with smth.), get punked, get quit of, get ready, get rid of, get sick and tired of, get smart, get smb. down, get smb. in, get smb. right, get smth. across, get smth. in, get smth. into one's head, get smth. off, get smth. off one's plate, get smth. over with, get sore, get tax benefits, get the bag, get the best of smb., get the bird, get the blues, get the boot


H.O., H.R., h.s.grad., habitual residence, hack around, hair splitting, half a deed, Half a loaf is better than no bread, half a word, half day, half past, half-hearted consent, ham up, hammer and saws, hammer and tongs, hammer out, hand caught in the cookie jar, hand in, hand in hand, hand on, hand out, hand over, hand smb. a lemon, hand smth. in, handle smb., smth., handle with care, hands down, Hands up!, hands-free, hands-free mobile phone kit, hands-free mobile phone set, hang about, hang around, hang by a thread, hang dog, hang down one's head, hang in (there), hang on, hang on one's words, hang out, hang out one's shingle, hang up, hang-dog countenance, happen to (smb.), happy about, Happy New Year!, hard as nails, hard cash, hard cheese, hard done by, hard done to, hard done unto, hard fact, hard mouth, hard of hearing, hard on smb., smth., hard pressed for time, hard time, hard times, hard to tell, hard up, hard words, Hard words breake no bones, hard-pressed business, hash house, hash over, hash up, hate crime, hate one's guts, hate to trouble smb., have a ball, have a big mouth, have a bite, have a card up one's sleeve, have a clue, have a cold, have a final authority, have a fine time, have a finger in the pie, have a go, have a good nose, have a good time, have a grudge, have a hard mouth, have a head for business, have a head like a sieve, have a hell of a time, have a hide like a rhinoceros, have a high time, have a hold over smb., have a knack for (doing) smth., have a knack of (doing) smth., have a leg up on smth., have a level head, have a lock on smth., have a look, have a memory like a sieve, have a memory like an elephant, have a point, have a profound respect for..., have a rest, have a ringside seat, have a smell from the barrel, have a soft mouth, have a soft spot for smb., have a thin time, have a tiger by the tail, have a time, have a word with smb., have an ace up one's sleeve, have an ax to grind, have an effect on, have an eye on, have an eye to, have an eye to the main chance, have an impact on, have an itching palm, have an old head on young shoulders, have an open mind, have any sense, have bats in one's belfry, have been to, have breakfast, have broad shoulders, have confidence in, have dinner, have direct authority over smb., smth., have enough of smb., smth., have eyes at the back of one's head, have full swing, have good earnings, have got, have got good earnings, have got something special to do, have gotten, have important business to attend to, have in mind, have in view, have it, have it in for smb., have legs, have little time to waste, have loads of time, have lunch, have many demands on one's time, have much ado, have much time, have no bearing on the question, have no choice but to (do smth.), have no choice in the matter, have no idea, have no kick left (in), have no notion, have no sense, have no time, have nothing to call one's own, have nothing to do, have nothing to do with, have one's back to the wall, have one's ear, have one's ear to the ground, have one's elbows checked, have one's eye on, have one's full swing, have one's habitual residence, have one's hands full, have one's head in the clouds, have one's head screwed on the right way, have one's heart set on doing smth., have one's say, have one's swing, have other fish to fry, have plenty of time, have smb. hooked, have smb. in the palm of one's hand, have smb. on the carpet, have smb. taken care of, have smth. behind smb., have smth. for breakfast, have smth. for dinner, have smth. for lunch, have smth. in the palm of one's hand, have some trouble in doing smth., have something special to do, have the bees, have the black dog on one's back, have the curse on smb., Have the exact fare ready, have the game in one's (own) hands, have the guts, have the jump on (smb., smth.), have the last word, have the nerve (to do smth.), have the time of one's life, have the wrong slant, have time on one's hands, have to do smth., have to do with, have words, Have you ever met..?


I am sorry, I bet, I cried because I had no shoes, until I saw a man who had no feet, I do appreciate (smth.), I got it, I see, I told you so!, I will eat my boots, I will eat my hat, I will eat my head, I would not touch him with a pair of tongs, I wouldn't touch him with a pair of tongs, I'd rather..., I'll eat my boots, I'll eat my hat, I'll eat my head, I'm sorry, i.e., I/S, IBRD, ice coffee, iced coffee, iced lolly, ID, id est, idea flashed across one's mind, the, idea found lodgment in one's mind, the, identification card, identification of firearms, identify the proceeds of crime, identity document, identity of criminal group, identity of victim, IDF, idle away one's time, idle time, Idleness is the mother of all vices, IELTS, If a thing is worth doing it is worth doing it well, If at first you do not succeed, try, try, try again, If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again, If ifs and ans were pots and pans, If one could know where you fall - you would spread some straw (there), If one likes to sled - he has to like to drive the sledge, If one runs after two hares he will catch neither, If one tries to overhaul two rabbits he can catch no one, if only, If the cap fits, wear it, If the youth could know, if the oldster could be able can!, If wishes were horses, If you can't have the best, make the best of what you have, If you cannot have the best, make the best of what you have, If you could know where you fall - you would spread some straw (there), If you don't like, it you may lump it, If you have had call yourself milk mushroom - go into the basket, If you like to sled - you have to like to drive the sledge, If you run after two hares you will catch neither, If you try to overhaul two rabbits you can catch no one, If your ship doesn't come in, swim out to it!, ill at ease, Ill news comes apace, ill timed, ill with a disease, illegal entry, illegal partnership, illegal residence, illicit manufacturing, illicit origin of property, illicit transfer of conventional weapons, illicit use, immediate subordinate, immediate superior, immunity from prosecution, Implementation Plan Approval, implicated in crime, import authorization, import licence, import trade, important business, important business to attend to, important to (do smth.), impose a fine, impose smth. on smb., impressed by, impressed with, in a bind, in a cold storage, in a fair way to, in a few words, in a fix, in a flash, in a funk, in a huff, in a hurry, in a jam, in a jiffy, in a loud voice, in a low voice, in a mess, in a moment, in a new light, in a nutshell, in a pig's eye, in a pinch, in a quandary, in a row, in a short time, in a stew, in a sweat, in a thin voice, in a way, in a word, in a year, in accordance with, in addition to, in advance, in aggregate, in agreement (with), in all, in all likelihood, in all probability, in an angry voice, in ancient time, in ancient times, in and out, in any case, in apple pie order, in autumn, in bad time, in bad voice, in bed, in brief, in business, in cahoots, in case, in case of emergency, in case of smth., in cash, in charge (of), in class, in clover, in cold storage, in conclusion, in conjunction (with), in connection with, in contrast to, in contrast with, in course of time, in deep shit, in deep water, in depth, in despite of, in detail, in due time, in dutch, in earnest, in effect, in essence, in excess of, in exchange, in exchange for, in fact, in favor, in favor of, in few, in figures, in folio, In for a penny, in for a pound, in for it, in for trouble, in force, in front, in front of, in full, in full blast, in full feather, in full flow, in full play, in full riot, in full swing, in future, in general, in good time, in good voice, in high feather, in high gear, in itself, in jig time, in joke, in less than no time, in letter and in spirit, in lieu, in lieu of smb., smth., in line with, in love (with...), in nature's own, in no case, in no circumstances, in no mood (to do smth.), in no time


Jack among the maids, Jack and Gill, Jack and Jill, Jack at a pinch, Jack at all trades, Jack Blunt, Jack boots, Jack Canuck, jack crow, jack dive, Jack Frost, Jack Horner, Jack in office, Jack in the cellar, Jack in the low cellar, Jack is as good as his master, Jack Johnson, Jack Ketch, Jack o' Bedlam, Jack o' both sides, Jack of all sides, Jack of all trades, Jack of all trades and master of none, Jack of Bedlam, Jack of both sides, Jack of Lent, jack of the clock, jack of the clock-house, Jack on both sides, Jack out of doors, Jack out of office, Jack Presbyter, Jack Priest, Jack pudding, Jack Sprat, Jack Tar, Jack the Ripper, jack up, jack up one's job, jack up the job, Jack wants to be as good as his master, Jack's alive, Jack-leg lawyer, jam session, jam smth. on, jam smth. through, jam tomorrow, Japan Federation of Bar Associations, Jaw dropped, Jaws are wagging, jazz up, jealous of, jelly roll (us.), jerk a nod, Jerusalem Liberation Day, jet plane, jig is up, The, jig's up, The, Jimmy Woodser, job of work, a, job's comforter, jobs for the boys, Joe Blow, John Bull, John Q. Public, Johnny come lately, Johnny on the spot, Johnny Raw, Johnson brother, join a partnership, join smb., join smth., join up, joint and several liability, joint investigation, joint investigative bodies, joint work, joke is on smb., the, joke on smb., joker in the pack, jolly dog, jorum of skee, joss house, judge by, judicial authorities, judicial documents, judicial proceedings, jump on, jump over, jump over the broomstick, jump over the moon, jump rope (us.), jump the gun, jump the queue, jump to it, jumping-off place, junior college, junior high school, junior partner, junior school, junior staff, juridical person, just as soon, just cause, just imagine, just in case, just in time, just now, Just peachy!, just so, just the other way around, just the same, just the tip of the iceberg, Just what I needed, justice of the peace, juvenile delinquency


keen about, keen as mustard, keen of a job, keen on, keep a card up one's sleeve, keep a civil tongue in one's head, keep a House, keep a low profile, keep a still tongue in one's head, keep a straight face, keep an ace up one's sleeve, keep an eye (on...), keep an eye out (for...), keep an open mind, keep at bay, keep away, keep away from heat, keep bad time, keep fair quarter with smb., keep fair quarters with smb., keep from, keep good quarter, keep good quarter with smb., keep good quarters with smb., keep good time, keep hold of a thing, keep in, keep in the dark, keep in touch with, keep in view, keep it up, keep on (doing smth.), keep one's bed, keep one's ear to the ground, keep one's end, keep one's end up, keep one's eye (on...), keep one's eyes peeled, keep one's eyes skinned, keep one's face straight, keep one's fingers crossed, keep one's head, keep one's head above water, keep one's mind off smth., keep one's nose clean, keep one's options open, keep one's seat, keep one's temper, keep one's word, keep oneself busy (with smth.), keep oneself occupied (with smth.), keep oneself to oneself, keep options open, keep out, keep out of harm's way, keep out of one's tracks, keep out of one's way, keep out of the way, keep out of..., keep running, keep smb. at bay, keep smb. from smth., keep smb. in the picture, keep smb. informed, keep smb. out of smth., Keep smb. out!, keep smb. waiting, keep smiling, keep smth. dark, keep the faith, keep time, keep to the point, keep up smth., keep up to date, keep up with, keep up with the times, keep water in, key point, key to a door, key up, keyed up, kick around, kick back, kick in one's gallop, a, kick one's ass, kick out, kick smb. downstairs, kick smb. upstairs, kick the bucket, kick the cat, kick the clouds, kick the gong around, kick the wind, kick up, kick up a dust, kick up a fuss, kick up a quarrel, kick up a racket, kick up a row, kick up a rumpus, kick up a shindy, kick up a shine, kick up dust, kick up one's feet, kick up one's heels, kick up one's legs, kick up sand, kick up the devil's delight, kick up the dust, kill by hire, Kill the enemy, kill two birds with one stone, kind of (smth.), a, kind of smb., king it, kiss the gunner's daughter, kitty cat, knight errant, knock home, knock it off, knock off, knock on wood, knock one's head against a brick wall, knock the nail home, know a thing or two, know as much about smth. as a pig about pineapples, know beans, know black from white, know by heart, know chalk from cheese, know damn all, know from nothing, know how many beans make five, know it all, know of, know one's way about, know smth. like the palm of one's own hand, know the length of one's feet, know the ropes, know the score, know the time of day, know what is what, know what o'clock it is, know what's what, knowledge on a subject, known for smth.


labor exchange, labor the case, labor the point, labor the subject, Ladies and gentlemen, ladies' man, lady's man, Lag b'Omer, lag behind, lam off, lame excuse, land knows, the, land of cakes, land of dreams, land of Nod, the, Land of Promise, the, land of stars and stripes, the, land of the golden fleece, the, land of the leal, the, land of the midnight sun, the, land of the rising sun, the, land of the Rose, the, land of the Thistle, landscape architect, landscape painter, lantern jaws, Large Aliyah, the, large branch, large number of, a, large order, a, large scale producer, largest of, the, last bid, last but not least, last but one, Last In First Out, last name, last of, the, last resort, the, last shame, the, Last straw breaks the camel's back, the, last straw, the, last time, last time, the, last word in (smth.), the, last words, last year, later on, lator gator, laugh at smb., smth., laugh off, laugh on the wrong side of one's mouth, launch activities, law action, law case, law enforcement action, law enforcement authorities, law enforcement cooperation, law in force, law suit, lawful tender, lay an egg, lay eyes on, lay heads together, lay hold of, lay hold on, lay hold over, lay hold upon, lay it on the line, lay odds, lay on the line, lay oneself open to smth., lay the odds, lazy beggar, lazy bones, lazy dog, lead a cat and dog life, lead poisoning, lead smb. a dance, lead smb. a pretty dance, leak out, learn a trade, learn by heart, learn from smb., learn from the highest quarters, Learn to walk before you run, least idea, the, least notion, the, least said soonest mended, leave alone, leave for, leave hold of, leave in the lurch, leave one's cheese out of the wind, leave open, leave out, leave smb. cold, leave smb. holding the bag, leave smb. in no doubt, leave smb. in the cold, leave smb. out in the cold, leave smb./smth. alone, leave word for smb., left holding the baby, left to hold the sack, legal advice, legal defenses, legal entity, legal form, legal person, legal powers, legal tender, legal transfer, legally admissible, legally enforceable, legally responsible, legend is still fresh but hard to believe, The, legislation in force, legitimate capital, legitimate owner, leisure days, leisure money, lend an ear, Lesser Dog, lesser of two evils, the, Let a sleeping dog lie, let alone, let down, let go, Let it be (so), Let me introduce myself, let off, let oneself go, let out on hire, Let sleeping dogs lie, let smb. do smth., let smb. down, Let smb. introduce oneself, let smb./smth. alone, let the cat out of the bag, let the daylight in (smb.), Let the grass grow under one's feet, to, Let us call it a day, let us face it, Let us wait and see, Let's call it a day, let's face it, Let's wait and see, lethal weapon, letter company, letter for letter, letter missive, Letter of Administration, letter of advice, letter of application, letter of attorney, letter of collection, letter of convocation, letter of credence, letter of credit, letter of guarantee, letter of indemnity, letter of inquiry, letter of instruction, letter of intent, letter of recommendation, letter of reference, letter of the law, the, letter of transmittal, letter order, letter testimonial, letters citatory, letters credential, letters missive, letters of credence, letters of recall, letters patent, liability in a firm, liable for, liable to, liable to catch cold, liable to dispute, liable to income-tax, liaison officer, license plate (us.), licensing of brokers, lick a file, lie down on the job, life imprisonment, life work, LIFO, lift a finger, lift a hand, light as a feather, lighten up, lightning never strikes twice, like a bear with a sore head, like a bull in a China shop, like a clock, like a fish out of water


M.T., M.V., M/F, Mace gun, made by smb., made from, made in smth., made of, made out of, made with smth., magnetic tape, mail drop, mail-order house, mailing list, mainly interested in, major course of studying, majoring in smth., majority interest, make a career in smth., make a choice, make a deal (with), make a decision, make a dust, make a fool of oneself, make a fool of smb., make a good job of it, make a hit, make a House, make a living, make a loan to smb., make a long story short, to, make a loss, make a mess (of smth.), make a mountain out of a molehill, make a mouth, make a mouth at smb., make a pig's ear of smth., make a pint measure hold a quart, make a point, make a point of smth., make a poor mouth, make a pretty mouth, make a profit (on smth.), make a profit on the sale, make a racket, make a right choice, make a row, make a song and dance about smth., Make a stupid man to pray - he will hurt his forehead, Make a stupid man to pray - he'll hurt his forehead, make a time about smth., make a time over smth., make a wrong choice, make a wry mouth, make acquaintance with, make an elephant out of a fly, make an exchange, make any sense, make away with smb., make both ends meet, make capital of smth., make certain (that), make cheeses, make clear, make concessions, make do (with), make eyes at smb., make fun of, make good time, make hay, make hay of smth., make hay while the sun shines, make head, make head against smth., make headway, make it, make it out, make it plain, Make it snappy!, make its point, make money, make mouths, make mouths at smb., make no bones, Make no judgements where you have no compassion, make no mistake, make no odds, make no sense, make one's bed, make one's day, make one's head sing, make one's Jack, make one's living, make one's mind easy, make one's mouth water, make one's point, make oneself at home, make oneself scarce, make or break, Make or Buy Decision, make or mar, make out, make out across the water, make out one's case, make out smth., make out that..., make out with, make over, make progress, make sense, make smb. do smth., make smb. sure, make smb. sure of (smth.), make smb. sure that, make smb. turn around, make smb. work, make smth. out, make smth. out of thin air, make smth. out to be, make smth. work, make sure, make sure of (smth.), make sure that, make the bed, make the best of a bad bargain, make the best of a bad business, make the best of a bad job, make the best of it, make the best of..., make the most of..., make the rounds, make the running, Make the stupid man to pray - he will hurt his forehead, Make the stupid man to pray - he'll hurt his forehead, make time, make tracks, make trouble, make up, make up for smth., make up one's mind (to do smth.), make up the shortage, make war, make Xeroxes of the papers, Makes sense, male dog, male, female, man and boy, man can't live by bread alone, a, man cannot live by bread alone, a, man is judged by his deeds, not by his words, A, man of character, a, man of few words, man of his word, man of many words, man should not be struck when he is down, A, man shouldn't be struck when he is down, A, man who has nothing to do is always the busiest, The, Man, woman and devil are three degrees of comparison, man-of-war's man, management decision, management position, management system, management team, management trainee, managing director, managing partner, manly art, manta ray, manufacturing cost, manufacturing technician, manufacturing technology, manufacturing validation, Many a little makes a mickle, Many a pickle makes a mickle, many demands on one's time, Many drops make a shower, many folks, Many hands make light work, Many speak much who can't speak well, Many speak much who cannot speak well, many thanks, many thanks for, many times as large, Mardi Gras, Maritime Safety Committee, market goods, marketable goods, marketing research, marriage certificate, Married but Available, Married by Accident, marry in haste and repent at leisure, marry off smb., marry smb., marry the gunner's daughter, master limited partnership, Master of Business Administration, material and logistical assistance, matter of concernment, a, matter of course, a


N.E.C., N.T.B, N/A, nail in one's coffin, naked debentures, naked facts, name of the game, NASA, nasal spray, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, National bank, National Basketball Association, National Council of German Women's Organizations, national team, National Union of Teachers, NATO, natural occurrence, natural person, nature of criminal group, the, nature of organized crime, the, nature of things, the, NB, NBA, near one's time, near smb., smth., neat trick, necessity of, the, neck up, need a lawyer, need for smth., need smb., smth., negligeable quantity, negotiable instruments, negotiable order, negotiate purchases and sales, neither fish nor flesh, neither fish nor good red herring, neither fish, flesh nor fowl, neither here nor there, neither more nor less, neither more nor less than..., neither... nor, net assets, net cash, net cost, net income, net pay, net worth, Nevada gas, never better (in all one's life), Never judge by appearances, Never look a gift horse in the mouth, never mind, never mind smb. (smth.), never mind the cost, Never too late to learn, new brand, New Year of Trees, newspaper of (the date), next door, next door to..., next man, the, next time, next to nothing, next year, nibble one, nice of smb., Nice to meet you, nighty night, nine times out of ten, NO, no admission except on business, no bearing on the question, No bees, no honey; no work, no money, No better than it ought to be, No better than it should be, No Boys Allowed, no chance, no choice, no choice but to (do smth.), no choice in the matter, No difference, No difference at all, No doubt that, No doubt!, no end of, no end of trouble, no exception, no fear, no fewer than, No fool like an old fool, no go, no good at all, no half measures, No honking, No hooting, no idea, no joke, no joy, no lack of, no laughing matter, no longer in one's first youth, no man's land, no matter, no matter what, no matter who, No money is taken for just looking, No money is taken for just looking at (smb., smth.), no more no less, No news is good news, no notion, No offense, no picnic, no point in,,,, No problem!, No problemo!, No question about, no room to swing a cat, no secret, No smoke without a fire, No smoking, no sooner... than, no such things, no sweat, No thoroughfare, no time like the present, no time to lose, no time to spare, No trouble at all, no use, no way, nobody home, nobody's fool, nolens volens, nominal partner, non elsewhere classified, non-displacement craft, non-observance of smth., non-tariff barrier, none of (the), None of your tricks!, north of, North-Atlantic Treaty Organization, nose about, nose around, nose drops, nose is out of joint, not a bit, not a dicky-bird, not a jot, not a moment too soon, not a quarter, not a quarter so good as..., not a red cent, not a sausage, Not a word!, not any exception, not applicable, not at any price, Not everyone who has a cowl on is a monk, not far from hand, not far to seek, not fit to be touched with, not fit to be touched with a barge-pole, not fit to be touched with a pair of tongs, not fit to hold a candle to smb., not for nothing, not for the world, not for want of trying, not half the man he used to be, not longer in one's first youth, Not much, Not on your life!, Not optional, not really, not so young (as smb. used to be), not the word for smth., not to bat an eye, not to bat an eyelid, not to bate an ace, not to be outdown, not to be the thing, not to care, not to care a damn (for smb., smth.), not to care a jack-straw, not to darken one's door, not to do a thing, not to feel the thing, not to give a crap, not to give a damn (for smb., smth.), not to have a word to throw at a dog, not to have much of a time, not to have the guts to (do smth.), not to know a B from a battledore, not to know a B from a broomstick, not to know a B from a buffalo, not to know a B from a bull's foot, not to know B from a battledore, not to know B from a broomstick, not to know B from a buffalo


O.G., obey smb., smth., object of the exercise, the, obliged for smth., obliged to smb. (for smth.), OBM, observe smth. to the letter, obsessed by, obsessed with, obstinate as a mule, obstruction of justice, obtain a licence, obtain information, obtain one's consent, obtain work, occupation of premises, the, odd fish, odd job, odd out, odd remark or two, odds and ends, odds and ends of thoughts, OEZ, of an opinion, Of Blessed Memory, of course, of its own accord, of late, of no importance, of one mind, of one's own accord, of set purpose, of the opinion, of the same age, of the same age with, of the same mind, of two houses, of unsound mind, off chance, an, off day, off one's beam, off one's head, off one's rocker, off the beam, off the cuff, off the record, off the top of one's head, off the track, off the wall, Off you go!, off-even pricing, off-licenсe, offence of a grave nature, offer high salaries, offer one's condolences, offeror vs offeree, Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention, office staff, official routing document, OG, Oh boy!, old as the hills, old as time, old boy network, the, old Father Time, old hand, old hand at smth., old man, old man of the sea, the, old man, the, old stuff, older than, olive green, on a certain morning, on a cold day in a hell, on a commercial basis, on a diet, on a large scale, on a long view, on a roll, on a scale, on a short view, on a site, on account of, on air, on average, on balance, on BBC, on behalf of, on behalf of smb. and oneself in person, on board a plane, on business, on comission, on condition that, on edge, on emergency, on end, on foot, on gross, on leave, on MTV, on my word, on no account, on no occasion, on offer, on one hand, on one's account, on one's guard against smth., on one's Jack, on one's mind, on one's own, on one's own account, on one's own authority, on one's own responsibility, on one's premises, on one's responsibility, on one's tod, on one's toes, on one's way home, on order, on paper, on pins and needles, on purpose, on reflection, on second thoughts, on some day, on Sunday, on the air, on the ball, on the basis of smth., on the beam, on the blink, on the brink, on the buds of, on the cards, on the carpet, on the clear understanding, on the contrary, on the dot, on the dry, on the face of, on the first story, on the ground floor, on the ground of, on the ground that, on the grounds of, on the grounds that, on the hook, on the house, on the increase, on the jar, on the job, on the jump, on the mend, on the money, on the nut, on the occasion of smth., on the off chance, on the one hand, on the order of, on the other hand, on the part of smb., on the point of doing smth., on the queer, on the radio, on the razor's edge, on the rebound, on the road, on the rocks, on the run, on the safe side, on the site, on the skids, on the sly, on the spot, on the spur of the moment, on the square, on the straight, on the surface, on the top of smth., on the top of the world, on the town, on the velvet, on the verge of death, on the view, on the vine, on the wagon, on the web, on the weekend, on the whole, on the word, on these lines, on these terms, on thin ice, on this line, on this point, on time, on top of smth., on top of the world, on TV


P's and Q's, P.A., P.C., p.m., p.o., p.p., p.r., Pacific Standard Time, pack it in, pack of lies, pack up, packing instructions, packing list, paddle one's own canoe, paid up capital, paint the town red, painted in, painted some color, pair of Cs, a, pale as a ghost, palm smth. off on smb., pan out, paper pushing, par of exchange, Pardon my French, parking lot, parole board, parson's nose, part time, part-time job, partial loss, partial owner, particular average, partnership agreement, partnership-at-will, parts and components, pass a bill, pass away, pass by, pass certificate, pass for, pass off, pass off as smb., pass off before too long, pass out, pass the buck, pass the time of day with smb., passenger flow, Passengers not allowed on the bridge, passing certificate, Passover, Passport and visa control, Passport and visa service, past midday, past shame, patch in, patch through, path of least resistance, path of the least resistance, patient as Job, patrol dog, pattern book, patterns and trends in crime, pave the way (for), pawn one's word, Pax Romana, pay attention to, pay by cash, pay by check, pay by cheque, pay cash, pay check, pay cheque, pay dividends, pay for smth., pay in cash, pay off, pay one's attention to, pay one's way, pay out, pay roll, pay the penalty (for smth.), pay the price (for smth.), pay through the nose, pay time and a half, payable to the order of smb., payment agreement, payment by instalments, payment card, payment in instalments, payment in kind, payment of costs, payment of expenses, payment on invoice, payment on statement, PD, peace of mind, pearl diver, Pearly Gates, peasant will not cross himself before it begins to thunder, A, peasant will not cross himself before it begins to thunder, The, peck of troubles, pedestrian area (us.), pedestrian mall, pedestrian precinct, pedestrian shopping street, pedestrian street, pedestrian zone, pedlar's French, pelican crossing, pen pal, penny-wise and pound-foolish, penny-wise, pound-foolish, Pentecost, the, pep rally, pep talk, pep up, per pro, per procurationem, perform functions, Perish the thought!, permanent army, permanent private importation, permanent residence, permanent staff, permanently inoperable, permission for departure, permission for landing, perpetrator of trafficking in persons, person-portable weapon, personal assets, personal file, personal message, personal property, personal record, personal records, personnel office, personnel resources manager, persue lie unsound price policy, petit four, petrol station, phrasal verb, physical layer, physically challenged, physics teacher, pi jaw, pick a quarrel (with smb.), pick on, pick out of thin air, pick smb. up, pick smth. up, pick up, pick up the phone, pick up with, pickings are slim, picture of (smb., smth.), a, pie in the sky, piece of advice, a, piece of cake, a, pig in a poke, pig Latin, pig-in-the-middle, pigeon English, Pigs might fly, pile up, pin back one's ears, pipe down, pipe dream, Pipe that, piping hot, piss off, pitch woo, PK, PL, plain as a pikestaff, plain as the nose on one's face, plain dealer, plain dealing, plain folks, plain sailing, plain speaking, plain truth is that, the, plain writing, plaintiff vs defendant, plan ahead, plant a tree with its root upward, play a game, play a joke on smb., play a prank on smb., play about, play at smth., play ball, play ball with..., play by ear, play chess, football etc., play down, play for money, play for time, play hardball (with), play it Bogart


quarrel about smth., quarrel over smth., quarrying industry, quarter past, quarter to, queer beggar, queer bird, queer card, queer cove, queer customer, queer duck, queer fish, queer one's pitch, question of smth., a, question of the day, the, quick and the dead, the, quick as lightning, quick fix, quick to understand, quids in, quit for smth., Quite (that's) the cheese!, quite a few, quite a haul there, Quite something!, quits with (smb.), quotation marks, quote a price for the goods


R/D cheque, rabbit and pork, rack one's brains, rain cats and dogs, rain pitchforks, Raining cats and dogs, Raining pitchforks, raise a big smoke, raise a dust, raise a point, raise a racket, raise a row, raise a stink, raise Cain, raise Hail Columbia, raise hell, raise hell's delight, raise hue and cry, raise Jack, raise merry Ned, raise Ned, raise promiscuous Ned, raise the devil, raise the issue, raise the mischief, raise the price, raise the roof, ram home, ram into smb., ram it home, ram it home to smb., ram smth. down one's throat, range from... to, range of goods, range of options, rap smb. over the knuckles, rat killer, rat on smb., rat out smb., rat race, ratio analysis, rats and mice, raven will not peck another raven's eye, A, raven won't peck another raven's eye, A, razzle dazzle, reach a deadlock, reach a stalemate, reach an accord, reach first base (with smth.), reach smb., reach the end of the line, reach the first base (with smth.), read in some language, readier market, ready cash, ready for smth. готовый к чему-л., real jam, real Mackay, real McCoy, real property, real time, real wages, really the limit, rear view mirror (us.), reason for smth., reason out, reasonable price, receive commissions, receive quarter, receive word of smth., received pronunciation, reception area, reception clerk, reception confirmed, reception desk, recovery of victims, recreation pay, recreational days, recreational money, recruit staff, recuperation days, recuperation money, red as fire, red tape, reel off, refer to, reference point, referring to, refuse bin, refuse smth., regional director, regional economic integration organization, register a company, registration at the place of residence, registration at the place of stay, registry office, regret, regular army, regular as clockwork, regular income, regular work, reject from a science lab, Rejoicing in the Law, relating to (smb., smth.), release one's hold of, release pending trial, relevant processing, relinquish one's hold of, rely on, rely upon, remain to be seen, remain valid, remember oneself, remember smb., remember smb. to smb., remember smb., smth., Remembrance Day, remind of smb., smth., Remotely Operated Vehicle, remotest idea, the, remotest notion, the, removal of marking(s), removal of organs, render services for training, render services for..., rent a car, rent in kind, rent out, rent to smb., repair shop, repatriation of victims, repeat oneself, replica of antique firearm, reply-paid telegram, report smth., repose one's head on the pillow, Republic of Ireland, the, request for, request for extradition, request stop, requested State Party, requesting State Party, resist smb., smth., responsible for, responsible for all business debts, result from, result in, resurrection days, retail trade, return fare, return on investment ratio, return one's call, return the call, reversing light, review mechanism, rewarding occupation, rich in, rich man's joke is always funny, A, rich with, right away, right now, right out of the blue, right to smth., rights manager, ring no bells, ring no bells with smth., ring off, ring true, ring up, rise to view, risk one's neck, risk smth., road house, rock of ages, the, rocket launcher, rocket structure, roll over, rolling stone gathers no moss, a, Rome was not built in a day, Rome wasn't built in a day, rope smb. in, rough diamond, round about, round dance, round figure, round jack, round the twist, routing document, ROV, royalty right(s), royalty-free right, the, RP, RSVP, rub off, rub salt into wounds, rule out, rules of the exchange, rum customer, run a business, run a corporation


S & M, S and M, s.t., s/c, sacrifice smth., safe bet, safe guess, safeguard clauses, safety deposit box, safety island, Safety Islands, safety provision, Sakes alive!, salable goods, salad days, sales clerk (us.), sales department, sales manager, sales trainee, salt of earth, salt smth. away, salvage charges, samples of products, samples requested, the, satellite communicate, satisfied with, save face, save one's bacon, save the day, save the situation, save time, saving clause, savings account, say a good word for smb., say the truth and shame the devil, to, say the truth, to, say the word, Scalded cat fears cold water, the, scale of investments, scare away, scare out of one's wits, scare smb. off, scared of, Scavenger's daughter, the, scene of shooting, school-leaving certificate, scope of application, score an advantage of smb., score an advantage over smb., score is up, score, the, scoundrel of the deepest dye, scram out, Scratch my back and I will scratch yours, scratch one's back, scratch one's head, scratch the surface, screw loose, a, screw smb. up, screw up, scribble smth. too sloppy, scrimp and save, scruff of the neck, scythe ran into a stone, The, sea of troubles, a, search a vessel, search for, Search for Extraterrestrial Life and Intelligence, secession from the organisation, second floor, the, second guess, second name, second opinion, second story, the, secondary school, secondary school degree, secondary school graduate, secret partner, secured debentures, secured with smth., see eye to eye (with), see how the cat jumps, see land, see off, see one's point, see oneself as others see one, see reason, see red, see rocks ahead, see smb. home, see smb. out, see the light, see the point, see which way the cat jumps, See you, See you again, See you later, See you soon, seek a quarrel (with smb.), seek after, seek for, seek out, seize hold of, seize hold on, seize hold over, seize hold upon, seizing of vehicles, sell a pig in a poke, sell abroad, sell out, sell smb. down the river, sell stock, sell time, selling end, send (smb. / smth.) over, send smb. packing, send smb. word, senior executives, senior management, senior partner, senior staff, sensible argument, sentenced person, serve life, serve no purpose, serve one's purpose, serve one's time, serve the purpose, serve the time, serve two masters, service center, service centre, service industry, service of judicial documents, service station, set back the clock, set down one's foot, set down smth., set eyes on, set forth, set objectives, set of qualification(s), set off, set one's cap, set one's foot down, set one's jaw, set one's life on a chance, set one's mind at rest, set one's mind on (smth.), set out, set prices, set smb. by the ears, set smb. down, set smb. down for, set smb. free, set smb. on his (her, their etc.) feet, set smth. down, set smth. down for, set smth. down to one's account, set standards, set store by, set the world on fire, set up, set up a brench, set up a company, set up in business, settle differences, settle for, settle in, settle on, settle one's differences, setup time, seven deadly sins, seven mortal sins, seven virtues, sexy thang, shake (smb.) up, shake a leg, shake like a leaf, shake one's head, shake one's head no, shake smth. out of one's head, shape a coat for the moon, shape up, share a taxi, share capital, sharp as a needle, sharp words, Sharp's the word!, shat on one's uppers, shed light on, shift the blame (onto), shift the responsibility (onto), shift work, Shirley Temple, shit out of luck, shoe on the other foot, shoot one's wad, shoot oneself in the foot, shoot square


tacit consent, tag along (smb. / smth.), tag question, tail question, tailor makes the man, The, take a back seat, take a beating, take a beauty sleep, take a bite out of smb., take a bite out of smth., take a bunk, take a chance, take a chance on smth., take a decision, take a dim view of., take a firm line on, take a firm line over, take a French leave, take a good aim, take a hint, take a hold, take a job, take a joke, take a line on, take a line over, take a long view of, take a look, take a Mickey Finn, take a nap, take a powder, take a run at, take a step (for smth. by smth.), take a try, take account of smth., take action, take action against, take advantage of, take advantage of smb., take advantage of the opportunity, take aim at (smb., smth.), take air, take an unerring aim, take away, take by, take by surprise, take care not to, take care of, take care to, Take care!, take careful aim, take chances (on), take charge of, take effect, take for granted, take French leave, take full advantage of (smb., smth.), take heat, take hold of, take hold of oneself, take hold on, take hold over, take hold upon, take institute proceedings against smb., take into account, take into consideration, take into custody, take it, take it easy, take it hard, take it on the heel and toe, take it slow, take long views of, take measures, take much trouble, take my word for it, take narrow views of, take no chance, take no chances, take note of smth., take odds, take on, take on hire, take on staff, take on а hire, take one's advice, take one's breath away, take one's chance, take one's chance on smth., take one's finals, take one's full swing, take one's swing, take one's time, take one's word for smth., take orders, take out, take part in, take pity on, take place, take risks (of smth.), take root, take shape, take short views of, take sides, take smb. at his word, take smb. at one's word, take smb. by surprise, take smb. out of, take smb. round, take smb. with a pinch of grain, take smb. with a pinch of salt, take smth. in one's stride, take smth. into account, take smth. into consideration, take some doing, take statements from persons, take steps (for smth. by smth.), take the air, take the bounce, take the bull by the horns, take the consequences, take the easy way out (of), take the fall for, take the hint, take the initiative, take the knock, take the line of least resistance, take the line of the least resistance, take the long view, take the medicine, take the odds, take the point, take the rap, take the rap over..., take the run-out, take the running, take the trouble, take the trouble of doing smth., take the trouble to do smth., take the veil, take the view (that), take the will for the deed, take the word, take the words out of one's mouth, take time by the forelock, take title to the goods, take to smth., take to task, take up, take up another's quarrel, take up quarters, take up the word, take up with, taken aback with, taken away, taken with, taking evidence, taking into account, taking into consideration, talk against time, talk big, talk business, talk in private, talk into (+ глагол с окончанием -ing), talk it over, talk like a Dutch unkle, Talk of the devil and he is sure to appear, Talk of the devil and he will appear, talk one's head off, talk out, talk out of (+ глагол с окончанием -ing), talk over, talk over with, talk sense, talk shop, talk smth. over, talk through one's hat, talk through the back of one's head, talk through the back of one's neck, talk to (smb.), talk to smb. in private, talk to smb. like a Dutch unkle, talk with (smb.), tall order, tally clerk, tally sheet, tally up, tally with smth., tank up, Target Rating Points, tariff bill, Tarred with the same brush, tartar(e) sauce, task time, tax benefits, tax exempt, tax free, taxable income, teach a child his letters, teach a fool is the same as to treat a dead manб ещ, tear gas pistol


U.S., UFO, ugly duckling, ultimate consumer, unanswerable argument,