Онлайн Словари - Online dictionaries

a, a bomb, a cache memory, a child prodigy, a criminal act, a dance, a debit entry, a heart felt, a just act, a lot of, a modest profi, a posteriori, a priori, a small token, a sum certain in money, a-bomb, a.d., a.m., a/d converter, a/m, aback, abacus, abaft, aband, abandon, abandoned, abandonment, abash, abate, abatement, abaxial, abbey, abbot, abbrasion, abbreviate, abbreviation, abbreviations, abc, abc book, abc-book, abdicate, abdication, abdomen, abdominal, abduckt, abduct, abduction, abeam, abelian group, aberrant, aberration, abet, abetment, abettor, abeyance, abhor, abhorrence, abhorrent, abide, abiding, ability, abiogenesis, abject, abjuration, abjure, ablation, ablative, ablaze, able, able bodied, able-bodied, ablebodied, abloom, ablution, ably, abnegate, abnegation, abnormal, abnormal termination, aboard, aboardal, abode, abolish, abolition, abominable, abominate, abomination, aborginal, aboriginal, abort, abortion, abortive, abortive expenditures, abound, about, above, above all, above describe, above mentioned, above-all, aboveboard, abrade, abrasion, abrasive, abreast, abridge, abridgement, abridgment, abroad, abrogate, abrogation, abrumation, abrupt, abruptly, abruptness, abscess, abscissa, abscond, absconder, absence, absent, absent minded, absent-minded, absentee, absently, absinthe, absolute, absolute address, absolute adress, absolute code, absolutely, absolution, absolvable, absolve, absorb, absorbable, absorbent, absorber, absorbing, absorption, absorption laws, abstain, abstainer, abstemious, abstention, abstinence, abstract, abstract data type, abstract family of languages, abstract machine, abstract noun, abstracted, abstraction, abstruse, abstruseness, absurd, absurdity, abundance, abundant, abuse, abusive, abut, abutment, abysm, abysmal, abyss, acacia, academic, academical, academician, academy, accede, accelerant, accelerate, acceleration, acceleration time, accelerator, accent, accent mark, accentologist, accentology, accentual, accentuate, accentuation, accept, acceptability, acceptable, acceptance, acceptance order, acceptance testing, accepted, accepter, accepting bank, accepting state, acceptor, accesible, access, access arm, access control, access cycle


b-tree, b. eng., b.b. a, b.c., b/l, b/o, b/p, baa, babbage, babble, babbler, babe, baby, babyish, bachelor, bachelor of business administration, bacillus, back, back coupling, back space, back stroke, back up brick, back-door, back-end processor, back-handed, back-to-back credit, backbite, backbone, backbone network, backdoor, backfill, backfilling, background, background processing, backgruond, backhanded, backing, backing store, backlash, backlog, backlog-stage, backplane, backset, backspace, backstairs, backtracking, backup, backus normal form, backus-naur form, backward, backward correction, backward error analysis, backward error correction, backwardness, backwards, bacon, bacteriology, bacterium, bad, bad debt, bad packing, bade, badge, badge reader, badger, badly, baffle, baffler, baffling, bag, baggage, baggy, bagpipe, bail, bailiff, bailment, baim, bait, bake, bakehouse, baker, balance, balance brought down, balance brought forward, balance carried down, balance carried forward, balance of outstanding claims, balance of payments, balance of payments surplus, balance of trade, balance sheet, balance sheet item, balance-sheet, balanced, balancing entry, balcony, bald, bald headed, bald-headed, balding, baldly, baldness, baldpate, bale, baleful, balk, balkan, ball, ball bearing, ball joint, ball-bearing, ball-point pen, ballad, ballade, ballast, ballerina, ballet, ballet dancer, ballet-dancer, ballistics, balloon, ballot, balm, balmy, baltic exchange, balun, balustrade, bamboo, bamboozle, ban, banal, banana, band, band matrix, band printer, band-limited channel, band-pass filter, band-reject filter, band-stop filter, bandage, bandit, bandoleer, bandpass, bandstop, bandwidth, bandy, bandy legged, bandy-legged, bane, baneful, bang, banish, banishment, banjo, bank, bank account, bank balances, bank code, bank deposit, bank discount, bank draft, bank of issue, bank statement, bank switching, bank transfer list, bank transfers, bank-note, banker, bankers bill, bankers cheque, bankers draft, banking, banking agreement, banknote, bankrupt, bankruptcy, banner, banquet, banter, baptism, baptize, bar, bar chair, barb, barbarian, barbaric, barbarous, barbed, barbed wire, barbed-wire, barber, barberry, bare, bare boat charter, bare-headed, bareback, barefaced, barefoot, bareheaded, barely


c&f cost and freight, c&i, c.i.f., c.i.f.&c, c.i.f.&e, c.o.d. cash on delivery, c.p.a., c/p, ca., cab, cabal, cabbage, cabin, cabinet, cabinetmaker, cable, cable address, cableway, cabman, cacao, cache, cackle, cad, cadastral, caddy, cadence, cadet, cadge, cadmium, cadre, cafe, cage, caisson, caitiff, cajole, cake, calaboose, calamitous, calamity, calcareous, calcie, calcination, calcine, calcined gypsu, calciterous, calcium, calculate, calculating machine, calculation, calculator, calculus, calefactor, calendar, calf, calibrate, calibre, calico, caliper, calk, call, call back, call for, call instruction, called up, calling, calling sequence, callosity, callote, callous, callow, calls in arrears, callus, calm, caloric, calorie, calorific, calotron, calumniate, calumniator, calumny, calve, calves, cam, camber, cambric, cambridge ring, came, camel, cameo, camera, camomile, camouflage, camp, campaign, campaigning, camphor, camping, campus, can, canadian, canal, canalization, canalize, canard, canary, cancel, cancellation, cancellation of letter of credit, cancer, candescent, candid, candidate, candidness, candle, candor, candour, candy, cane, canine, canine tooth, canister shot, canister-shot, canker, cankered, canned, cannibal, cannon, cannonade, cannot, cannula, canny, canoe, canon, canopy, cant, cantankerous, canted, canteen, canter, cantilever, canton, cantran, canvas, canvass, canyon, caoutchoue, cap, capability, capability architecture, capability list, capabillity, capable, capacious, capacitance, capacitor, capacity, cape, caper, capillarity, capillary, capital, capital account, capital and relative interest, capital assets, capital commitment, capital costs, capital equipment, capital expenditures, capital flow, capital fund, capital goods, capital inflow, capital investment, capital levy, capital market, capital movements in and out, capital stock, capital sum, capital surplus, capital transactions, capitalism, capitalization of expenditures, capitation, capitol, capitulate, capitulation, capped, caprice, capsize, capstan, capsule, captain, caption, captious, captivate, captive, captivity, captor, capture, car


d flip-flop, d-type flip-flop, d. c. signaling,, d/a converter, dab, dabble, dad, daddy, daffodil, dagger, daily, daily traveling allowance, dainti, dainty, dairy, dairy-maid, dairymaid, dais, daisy, daisychain, daisywheel printer, dale, dally, dam, damage, damaged, dame, damn, damp, damp proof, damp-proof, dampen, damper, damping, damsel, dance, dancing, dandelion, dandified, dandle, dandruff, dandy, dane, danger, dangle, danish, dank, dapper, dapple, dardanelles, dare, dared, daring, dark, darken, darling, darn, dart, darwinism, dash, dashed, dashing, dashpot, dastard, data, data abstraction, data acquisition, data bank, data break, data bus, data capture, data cartridge, data chaining, data channel, data cleaning, data collection, data communication equipment, data communications, data compaction, data compression, data contamination, data description language, data dictionary, data directory, data encryption standard, data entry, data error, data field, data file, data hierarchy, data independance, data integrity, data link, data link control protocol, data link layer, data logging, data management, data management system, data manipulation language, data mark, data matrix, data medium, data model, data name, data network, data path, data preparation, data processing, data protection legislation, data reduction, data retrieval, data selector/multiplexer, data set, data sheet, data stream, data structure, data subject, data sublanguage, data summarization, data tablet, data terminal equipment, data transfer rate, data translation, data transmission, data transparency, data type, data validation, data word, data-processing manager, data-vet program, databank, database, database administrator, database integrity, database language, database management system, database recovery, database system, datafllow diagram, datagram, datallow machine, date, date of entry, date of payment, date-stamp, dative, datum, datum-limit register, daub, daughter, daugther, daunt, dauntless, daw, dawdle, dawn, day, day labourer, day-labourer, daybreak, daylight, days, days of grace, days of respite, daze, dazzle, dc300, de bruijn diagram, de bruijn graph, de luxe, de morgan's laws, deacon, dead, dead beat, dead debit, dead freight, dead letter, dead load, dead loss, dead space, dead weight, deaden, deadfall, deadline, deadlock, deadly, deadly embrace, deaf, deafen, deal, dealer, dealer in, dealing, dealings, deallocate, dealt, dealt with, dean, deaquation


e.e., e.g., each, each month, eager, eagle, ear, ear phone, ear ring, ear-phone, ear-ring, earl, early, early review of performance indicators, earmark, earn, earnest, earning per share, earnings, earshot, earth, earth dam, earth fill, earthen, earthenware, earthquake, earthwork, earthworks, eartquake, eartward, earwig, ease, easel, easier, easily, east, easter, eastward, easy, eat, eatable, eaten, eave stut, eaves, eavesdrop, ebb, ebb tide, ebb-tide, ebony, ebullient, eccentic, eccentric, eccentricity, ecclesiastic, ecclesiastical, echelle, echelon, echo, echo box, echo check, echo suppression, eclat, eclectic, eclipse, economic, economical, economics, economize, economy, ecstasy, eddy, eden, edge, edge board, edge card, edge connector, edge joint, edging, edgy, edible, edification, edifice, edify, edit, editing, edition, editor, editorial, educate, educe, eduction, eel, efface, effect, effected payments, effective, effective address, effective algortithm, effective computability, effective enumeration, effective procedure, effectiveness, effects, effectual, effectuate, effectuated, effekt, effeminacy, effervesce, effervescence, effervescent, effete, efficacious, efficacy, efficiencies, efficiency, efficient, effigy, effloresce, effluence, effluent, efflux, effort, effrontery, effulgence, effuse, effusion, egalitarianism, egg, eglantine, egocentric, egoism, egotism, egress, egret, egypt, egyptian, eh, eider, eigenfunctions, eigenvalue, eigenvalue problems, eigenvectors, eight, eighteen, eighten, eighty, either, either or, either-or, either-or operation, ejaculate, ejaculation, eject, eke, elaborate, elapse, elapsed time, elastic, elasticity, elate, elbow, elder, eldery, eldest, eleciroluminescent display, elect, elections, electoral, electoral roll, electors, electric, electric iron, electric line, electric wirin, electric(al), electrical, electricitiy, electricity, electrificatio, electrification, electrify, electro motor, electro-motor, electrode, electrodialysi, electrographic printer, electrolysis, electron, electron gun, electronic, electronic calculator, electronic data processing, electronic funds transfer system, electronic mail, electronic office, electronics, electroning filing, electrophotographic printer, electrosensitive printer


f distribution, f.a.c., f.a.q., f.a.s., f.d., f.i.o., f.i.w., f.o.b. free on board, f.o.c., f.o.d., f.o.q. free on quay, f.o.r., f.o.s., f.o.t., fabian, fabijan, fable, fabric, fabricate, fabrication, fabulous, facade, face, face brick, face od draft, face of weld, face value, faceplate, facet, facetious, facial, facile, faciliate, facilitate, facilities, facilities for transportation, facility, facility for payment, facing, facing brick, facsimile, fact, faction, factionalism, factious, factitious, factor, factor analysis, factorable code, factorial designs, factory, factory overhead, facultative, faculty, fad, fade, fag, fag(g)ot, faggot, fagot, fail, fail to fulfill, fail-safe, fail-soft, failing, failure, failure recovery, faint, fair, fairly, fairness, fairplay, fairway, fairy, fait accompli, faith, faithful, fake, fakir, falcon, fall, fallacious, fallacy, fallback, fallen, fallow, fallow deer, fallow-deer, falls, false, falsehood, falsework, falsifiy, falsify, falter, fame, familiar, family, famine, famish, famous, fan, fan-in, fan-out, fanatic, fanciful, fancy, fancy work, fancy-work, fang, fano coding, fano decoding, fantastic, far, far famed, far reaching, far seeing, far sighted, far-famed, far-reaching, far-seeing, far-sighted, farce, fare, farewell, farina, farm, farrier, farrow, farther, farthing, fascinate, fascism, fashion, fast, fast core, fasten, fastener, faster, faster than, fastidious, fat, fatal, fatality, fate, fateful, father, father file, fatherland, fathom, fatigue, fatigure, fatling, fatty, fatuous, faucet, faugh, fault, fault detection, fault diagnosis, fault-tolerant system, faulty cost analysis, fauna, faux pas, favor, favorable, favorable payment terms, favorably, favour, favourable, favouring, favourite, fawn, fay, fear, fearful, fearless, feasable, feasibility, feasibility study, feasible, feasible/plan, feast, feat, feather, feature, febrile, february, fec, feckless, fecund, fecundate, fecunditiy, fecundity, fed, federal, federal law, federation, federative, fee


gab, gabble, gabbler, gable, gabled roof, gad, gad fly, gad-fly, gadget, gaff, gaffe, gag, gaga, gage, gaiety, gain, gains, gainsay, gait, gaiter, gala, galaxy, gale, gall, gall bladder, gall-bladder, gallant, gallery, galley, gallic, gallivant, gallon, gallop, gallows, galore, galosh, galvanic, galvanize, gamble, gambol, game, gammon, gamp, gamut, gander, gang, gang of workma, gang of workme, ganger, ganglion, gangrene, gangster, gangway, gantry, gaol, gap, gape, garage, garb, garbage, garble, garden, gargantuan, gargle, garish, garland, garlic, garment, garnet, garnish, garnishment, garret, garrison, garroulous, garrulity, garrulous, garter, gas, gas line, gas ring, gas-ring, gash, gasify, gasoil, gasolene, gasoline, gasp, gassed, gastric, gastronomy, gate, gateway, gatget, gather, gauche, gaudy, gauge, gauge length, gauge pile, gaunt, gauze, gave, gawky, gay, gaze, gazelle, gazette, gear, gear box, gear wheel, gear-box, gear-wheel, gee, geese, geezer, geiger counter, gelatine, gelatinous, gelid, gem, gender, genealogical, general, general average, general delivery, general ledger, general ledger account, general provisions, generalization, generalize, generally, generate, generation, generic, generosity, generous, genesis, genetics, genial, geniality, genitive, genius, geniuses of letter of credit, gent, genteel, gentilitiy, gentility, gentle, gentleman, gentleness, gentry, genuine, genus, geodesic, geodesy, geodetic, geodimetar, geographer, geography, geologic, geologist, geology, geometric, geometry, geophysics, geranium, germ, german, germinate, germitron, gerund, gesticulate, gesture, get, get away, get through, getaway, gewgaw, geyser, ghastly, ghetto, ghost, ghostly, ghoul, giant, gib, gibber, gibbet, gibe, giddiness, giddy, gift, gig, giga-, gigantic, giggle, gilbert-varshamov bound, gild, gilded, gill


h-bomb, h.r.h., ha, habbub, haberdasher, haberdashery, habit, habitaion, habitalble, habitation, habitual, habituate, hack, hacker, hacking, hackney, hackneyed, had, hadamard codes, hadamard matrices, haddock, haemorrhage, haft, hag, haggard, haggle, hail, hair, hair dresser, hair-dresser, halcyon, hale, half, half adder, half breed, half brother, half duplex, half sister, half subtractor, half truths, half word, half-breed, half-brother, half-hearted, half-sister, halfhearted, halfpenny, hall, hallucination, hallway, halo, halt, halter, halting, halting problem, halve, ham, hamiltonian cycle, hamlet, hammer, hamming bound, hamming codes, hamming distance, hamming metric, hamming radius, hamming space, hamming sphere, hamming weight, hammock, hamper, hamster, hamstring, hanceforth, hand, hand barrow, hand basket, hand bill, hand tamper, hand-bag, hand-made, hand-operated adding machine, handbook, handcuffs, handful, handhold, handicap, handicraft, handkerchief, handle, handler, handling, handmade, handmaid, handpost, hands off, hands on, hands tools, handsaw, handshake, handshaking, handsome, handwork, handwriting, handy, hang, hang dog, hang nail, hang over, hang-dog, hang-over, hang-up 1, hang-up 2, hangar, hanger, hanger on, hanger-on, hanging, hangings, hangman, hank, hanker, hanky panky, hanky-panky, hap, haphazard, hapless, happen, happy, har code, harangue, harass, harbinger, harbor entry permit, harbour, hard, hard copy, hard currency, hard disk, hard error, hard hearted, hard steel, hard strata, hard stratum, hard-hearted, hard-sectored disk, harden, hardened steel, hardihood, hardiness, hardly, hardness, hardship, hardware, hardware character recognition, hardware circuitry, hardware description, hardware reliability, hardware security, hardwired, hardy, hare, hare-brained, harebell, harebrained, harem, haricot, hark, harlot, harm, harmful, harmless, harmonious, harmonize, harness, harp, harpoon, harpsichor, harpy, harridan, harrier, harrow, harry, harsh, harsh steel, hartshorn, harty, harum scarum, harum-scarum, harvest, has, has been, has shown, hash, hash function, hash p complete, hash search, hash table, hash total, hash value, hashing


i, i am entitled to the following, i beam, i confirm having received the sum of, i know, i'm flying, i.d., i.e., i.o.u. i owe you, i/0 buffering, i/0 bus, i/0 channel, i/0 control, i/0 device, i/0 processor, i/i file, i/o buffering, i/o bus, i/o channel, i/o control, i/o device, i/o file, i/o instruction, i/o mapping, i/o port, i/o processor, i/o register, i/o supervisor, i/o switching, i/o-limited, iambic, ib., ibex, ibid., ibidem, ibm system 360, ibm system 370, ice, ice cream, ice-cream, iceberg, iced, iceland, icelander, icicle, icing, icon, icon (or ikon), iconoclasm, iconoclast, icy, idea, ideal, idealize, idem, idempotent law, identical, identical with, identification, identified, identifier, identify, identifying number, identity, identity burst, identity element, identity function, identity matrix, ideological, ideology, idiocy, idiom, idiot, idle, idle time, idleness, idler, idol, idustrial plan, idyll, if, if and only if statement, if necessary, if need be, if then else statement, iff, igneous, igneous rocks, ignite, ignition, ignoble, ignominious, ignominy, ignoramus, ignorance, ignorant, ignore, ignore character, ikon, ill, ill advised, ill bred, ill conditione, ill fated, ill gotten, ill luck, ill natured, ill naturedly, ill starred, ill tempered, ill timed, ill treat, ill will, ill-advised, ill-bred, ill-conditioned, ill-considered, ill-fated, ill-favoured, ill-mannered, ill-natured, ill-omened, ill-starred, ill-tempered, ill-timed, ill-treat, ill-will, illative, illegal, illegal character, illegal instruction, illegibility, illegible, illegitimate, illiberal, illicit, illimitability, illimitable, illiteracy, illiterate, illness, illogical, illuminance, illuminant, illuminate, illumination, illusion, illusive, illusory, illustrate, illustrated, illustrious, im, image, image processing, imagery, imaginable, imaginary, imagination, imaginative, imagine, imbalance, imbecile, imbibe, imbroglio, imbue, imierasable programmable device, imitate, immaculate, immanent, immaterial, immature, immeasurable, immediate, immediate access store, immediate addressing, immediate family, immediately, immemorial, immense, immerge, immerse, immigrant, immigrate, imminence, imminent, immobile, immobility, immobilize, immoderate, immodest, immoovable, immoral, immortal, immovable, immune, immunitiy, immunity, immure, immutability


ja nisam, jab, jabber, jack, jack boot, jack knife, jack-boot, jack-knife, jackal, jackdaw, jackdow, jacket, jackson method, jade, jag, jagged, jaggy, jaguar, jail, jalousie windo, jam, jamb, jangle, janitor, january, japan, japanese, jar, jargon, jasmin(e), jasmine, jasper, jaundice, jaunt, jaunty, javelin, jaw, jaws, jay, jazz, jealous, jealousy, jean, jeans, jeel, jeer, jelly, jelly fish, jelly-fish, jemmy, jenny, jeopard, jeopardize, jeopardy, jerk, jerry builder, jerry-builder, jersey, jest, jesuit, jet, jetty, jew, jewel, jewess, jewish, jib, jib boom, jibe, jiff(y), jiffy, jig, jild, jilt, jingle, jingo, jingoism, jinks, jitter, jitters, jk flip-flop, job, job description, job file, job mix, job monitoring, job scheduling, job step, job stream, job-control language, jockey, jocose, jocular, jocund, jocundity, jocunt, jog, join, join operator, joiner, joint, joint and several guarantee, joint bar, joint filler, joint investment, joint ventures, joint-venture agreement, joint-venture opportunity, joist, joke, jolly, jolt, josephson (junction) technologi, josephson (junction) technology, josephson junction, jostle, jot, journal, journal entries, journal tape, journal voucher, journalist, journey, jovial, jowl, joy, joyous, joystick, jubilant, jubilee, judge, judgement, judgment, judicious, jug, juggle, jugoslav, juice, july, jumble, jumbo, jump, jump instruction, jumper, jumpy, junction, juncture, june, jungle, junior, juniper, junk, juridical, juridical person, jurisdiction, jurist, juristic(al), juristical, juror, jury, juryman, just, just and reasonable, just now, justice, justifiable, justification, justify, justly, jut, jute, juvenil, juvenile, juxtapose


k, k-connectivity, k-lookahead, kail, kale, kaleidoscope, kandidat, kangaroo, kaolin, karnaugh map, kaseta, kathetron, keceljica, kedge, keel, keen, keep, keeper, keeping, keepsake, keg, ken, kennel, kept, kerb, kerchief, kernel, kernel field, kerosene, ketchup, kettle, kettle drum, kettle-drum, key, key note, key sorting, key to, key to disk, key to tape, key-note, keybank, keyboard, keyboard encoder, keyframe, keyhole, keying, keyless, keypad, keypunch, keystone, keystroke, keyword, keyword parameter, kick, kickout, kid, kiddy, kidnap, kidney, kidney bean, kidney-bean, kill, killer, kilo, kilo-, kilogram(me), kilogramme, kilometre, kilowatt, kimball tag, kin, kind, kind hearted, kind letter, kind-hearted, kindergarten, kindgdom, kindle, kindliness, kindly, kindred, kinematics, kinetic, king, king pile, kingdom, kinglike, kingly, kink, kinsfolk, kinship, kinsman, kiosk, kipper, kirk, kiss, kit, kit bag, kit-bag, kitchen, kite, kith, kitten, kittenish, klaxon, kleene closure, kleene star, kleene's theorem, kleene-plus, knack, knapsack, knapsack problem, knave, knead, knee, knee brace, knee breeches, knee caps, knee deep, kneel, kneepad, kneit, knell, knelt, knew, knick knack, knick-knack, knickerbockers, knickers, knife, knight, knit, knitted, knitting needl, knives, knob, knock, knoll, knot, knotty, know, know all men, knowingly, knowledge, knowledge base, knowledge engineering, known, knuckle, knurl, koffin, komprehend, kopious, korean, kraft's inequality, krone, kudos, kuglica, kurd, kurdish


lab, label, labial, labile, lability, labor, labor output, labor rate, laboratory, laborious, labour, labourage, laboured, labourer, labouring powe, labyrinth, labyrinthine, lace, laced, lacerate, lachrymatory, lacing, lacings, lack, lack lustre, lack-lustre, lackadaisical, lackey, lacking, laconic, laconical, lacquer, lacquerer, lactic, lad, ladder, lade, laden, lading, ladle, ladowner, lady, lady-bird, ladybird, lag, lager, lager (beer), laggard, lagging, lagoon, laid, laid back, laid up, laid-up, lain, lair, laird, laity, lake, lake dwelling, lake front, lakey, lamb, lambda calculus, lambent, lame, lamel, lamelae, lamella, lamellar, lament, lamina, laminal, laminar, laminar flow, laminate, laminated, laminated wood, lamination, lamine, laminiferous, lamp, lamp bracket, lamp burner, lamp post, lamp-bracket, lamp-burner, lamp-post, lamplet, lampoon, lamprey, lampshade, lamsome, lan, lance, lancer, lancet, land, land certificate, land reform, lander, landfall, landing, landlady, landline, landlord, landmark, landmine, landscape, landslide, lane, lang-syne, langsyne, language, language constructor, languid, languish, lank, lanky, lanolin, lantern, lap, lap joint, lapel, lapped, lapper, lappet, lapping, lapse, larceny, larch, lard, larder, large, large - scale production, large lots, large scale integration, large scale mechanization programme, largely, largely in accordance with, larger, lark, larva, laryngitis, larynx, lase, laser, laser beam, laser printer, lash, lasher, lasing, lass, lassitude, last, last in first out, lasting, lastly, latch, latching, late, lately, latency, lateness, latent, latent defect, later, lateral, latest, latest date, latest time for delivery of bids, lath, lathe, lather, latin, latitude, latrine, latter, lattice, latvian, laud, laugh, laughter, launch, launcher, launder, laundress, laundrette, laundry, laureate, laurel, lav, lava, lavatory, lave, lavender, lavish, law, law-suit, lawful


m-sequence,, ma, mac, macabre, macadam, macadam road, macadamize, macaroni, mace, macebearer, macedonia, macedonian, macerate, maceration, mach, machanize, machinate, machination, machine, machine building industry, machine gun, machine gunner, machine tool, machine-made, machinegun, machinery, machinist, mack, mackintosh, macro-, macula, macular, mad, madagascar, madam, madden, maddening, madder, made, made in good faith, made up, mademoiselle, madhouse, madman, madness, madona, madrigal, maelstrom, magazine, maggot, magic, magical, magician, magificent, magisterial, magistral, magistrate, magnanimity, magnanimous, magnate, magnesite, magnesium, magnet, magnetic, magnetize, magnificent, magnified, magnifier, magnify, magniloquence, magniloquent, magnitude, magpie, magyar, mahogani, mahogany, mahout, maid, maiden, maiden name, maidenhood, maidenly, maidservant, mail, mail confirmation, mail contractor, mail order sales, mails, maim, main, main girder, main line, main office, mainframe, mainland, mainline, mainly, mainmast, mainsail, mainspring, maintain, maintaining, maintenance, maintenance supplies, maize, maize cob, majestic, majesty, major, major items, majority, make, make up, make up for, maker, makeshift, makeup, makeweight, making, mal, malachite, maladjusted, malady, malaria, malay, malaysia, malaysian, malcontent, male, malediction, malefactor, maleficence, malevolent, malfunction, malice, malicious, malign, malignant, malinger, mall, malleability, malleable, malleable iron, mallet, malnutrition, malodorous, malt, malted, maltreat, malversation, mama, mamma, mammal, mammoth, mammy, mamorializing, mamoth, man, man and wife, man is mortal, man of war, manacle, manage, management, management accounts, management committee, manager, managing director, manb of war, mandamus, mandarin, mandatary, mandate, mandated, mandatory, mandrel, mandril, mane, manful, manganese, mange, manger, mangle, mango, mangonel, mangood, mangy, manhole, manhood, mania, maniac, manicure, manifest, manifestation, manifesto, manifold, manipulate, mankind, manliness


n-fold, n-tuple, n-type semiconductors, na sat, nab, nacelle, nadir, nag, nail, nail file, naive, naivete, naivety, naked, naked truth, nakedness, namby pamby, name, name day, name of the account, name plate, name-day, named inland carrier, named point of origin, named port of shipment, nameless, namely, namesake, nand gate, nanid operation, nann, nannerless, nanny, nano, nap, nape, naphtha, napkin, nappe, nappy, narcissus, narcosis, narcotic, nark, narrate, narration, narrative, narrow, narrow minded, narrow passage, narrow street, narrow-minded, nasal, nasality, nasalization, nasty, nasty intrigue, nasty situatio, nasty tongue, nasty weather, nat screen, natality, nation, nation-wide, national, national bank, national debt, national flag, national guard, national hero, nationalism, nationality, nationalizatio, nationalize, nationwide, native, native america, native city, native country, native customs, native languag, native soil, natural, natural binary-coded decimal, natural child, natural error, natural flower, natural gas, natural gender, natural gift, natural law, natural person, natural resources, natural scienc, naturalist, naturalistic, naturalize, naturally, nature, naught, naughtiness, naughty, nauguration, nausea, nauseate, nauseous, nautical, nautical mile, naval, nave, navel, navigable, navigalbe, navigate, navigation, navigational, navigator, navvy, navy, navy blue, navy yard, nay, nazarene, nazi, near, near by, near escape, near future, near-by, near-sighted, nearli, nearly, nearness, nearsighted, neat, neatly, nebraska, nebula, nebulosity, nebulous, necessairly, necessaries, necessary, necessitate, necessity, neck, necklace, neckline, neckpiece, necktie, neckwear, necrology, necromancy, necrophagous, necrophilia, necrophobia, necropolis, necropsy, necrosis, nectar, nectarine, nedlework, nee, need, needed, needful, neediness, needle, needle valve, needlefish, needlepoint, needless, needlewoman, needlework, needs, needy, neer, nefarious, negate, negation, negative, negative ackmowledgement, negative confirmation of balances, negator, negentropy, neglect, neglectful, negligence, negligent, negligible, negotiable draft, negotiate, negotiated draft, negotiation, negotiator, negress, negro, neigh, neighbor, neighbour


o clock, o notation, o.k., oaf, oak, oak apple, oaken, oakgall, oar, oarsman, oasis, oat, oatcake, oaten, oath, oatmeal, obduracy, obdurate, obedience, obedient, obeisance, obese, obesity, obey, obfuscate, obituary, object, object architecture, object code, object language, object lesson, object program, object-oriented architecture, object-oriented language, objection, objectionable, objective, objective case, objectivism, objectivity, objurgate, objurgation, oblate, oblation, obligate, obligation, obligatory, oblige, obligee in the sum of, obliging, oblique, obliquity, obliterate, oblivion, oblivious, oblong, obnoxious, oboe, oboist, obscene, obscenity, obscure, obscurity, obsequies, obsequious, observance, observant, observation, observational, observatory, observe, observer, obsess, obsession, obsessive, obsolence, obsolescence, obsolescent, obsolete, obstacle, obstetrical, obstetrician, obstetrics, obstinacy, obstinate, obstruct, obstruction, obtain, obtrude, obtrusive, obtuse, obviate, obvious, occasion, occasional, occasionally, occasions, occident, occidental, occiput, occlusion, occult, occup, occupant, occupation, occupational, occupational disease, occupied, occupy, occur, occurence, occurrence, ocean, ocean going, oceanic, ochre, octagon, octal, octal notation, octant, octave, octet, octette, october, octopod, octroi, octuple, ocular, oculist, odd, odd parity, odd-even check, oddball, oddish, oddity, oddments, odds, ode, odeon, odeum, odeven, odious, odium, odometer, odoriferous, odorous, odour, of, of all, of course, of even date, of late, off, off and on, off he goes, off-line, offal, offbeat, offence, offend, offender, offense, offensive, offer, offer by implication, offer up, offered, offeree, offering, offeror, offertory, offhand, office, office (building/equipment), office apprentice, office automation, office boy, office workers, office-boy, officer, official, official news, official representative, official trip, officialdom, officiate, officious, offing, offish, offscourings, offset, offset printing, offsetting credits, offshoot, offspring, oft, often, oftentimes, ogee, ogle


p operation, p-code, p-n junction, p-system, p.m., p.o., p.o.b., p.s., pa, pablum, pabulum, pace, pacemaker, pacer, pacific, pacification, pacificist, pacifism, pacify, pack, pack animal, pack horse, pack in, pack-animal, pack-horse, package, package deal, packed, packed decimal pakovana, packer, packet, packet assembler/dissassembler, packet boat, packet radio, packet switched data service, packet switching, packet-boat, packing, packing density, packing list, pact, pad, pad of straw, padding, paddle, paddle wheel, paddle-wheel, paddock, paddy, padlock, paediatric, paediatrician, paediatrics, pagan, paganism, page, page frame, page printer, pageant, pageantry, paginate, pagination, paging, paging drum, pah, paid, paid leave, pail, pailful, pain, painful, painless, painstaking, paint, painted, painter, painting, pair, pajamas, pal, palace, paladin, palankeen, palatable, palatal, palatalization, palatalize, palate, palatial, palaver, pale, paleface, paleocene, paleozic, palestine, palestinian, palestra, palette, palisade, pall, pallet, pallets, palliate, palliative, pallid, pallor, palm, palm oil, palm-oil, palpable, palpitate, palpitation, palsied, palsy, palter, paltry, pampa, pampas, pamper, pamphlet, pan, pan-, panacea, pancake, pancreas, panda, panda car, pandemic, pandemonium, pander, pandora, pane, panegyric, panel, panel point, pang, panhandle, panic, panic monger, panic stricken, panic-monger, panic-stricken, panicky, pannikin, panoplied, panoply, panorama, pansy, pant, pantaloons, pantechnicon, panther, panties, pantomime, pantoon bridge, pantry, pants, pap, papa, papacy, paper, paper boy, paper clip, paper knife, paper slew, paper tape, paper tape i/o, paper throw, paper-knife, paper-mill, paper-money, paper-weight, paperweight, paperwork, papilla, papist, pappy, paprika, papyrus, par, par exellence, par value system, parable, parabola, parabolic, paraboloid, parachute, parachutist, parade, parade ground, parade-ground, paradigm, paradigmatic, paradise, paradox, paradoxical, paraffin, parafin, paragon, paragraph


q-logic, q-valued, q.t., quack, quacke, quackery, quad, quadrangle, quadrant, quadratic, quadrature, quadrennial, quadrilateral, quadruped, quadruple, quaff, quag, quagmire, quail, quaint, quake, quaker, quaking, qualification, qualified, qualifier, qualifiy, qualify, qualitative, qualitatively, quality, quality assurance, quality checking, quality control, qualm, quandary, quandrant, quanta, quanternary logic, quantifier, quantitative, quantity, quantization, quantization noise, quantizer, quantum, quantum jump, quantum number, quantum ttion, quarantine, quark, quarrel, quarreller, quarrelsome, quarry, quarrying, quart, quarter, quarter hour, quarter mile, quarter note, quarterly, quartermasted, quartermaster, quarters, quartertone, quartet, quarto, quartz, quartzite, quash, quasi, quasi-, quatation, quaternary, quaver, quay, quckness, queasiness, queasy, queazy, queen, queen truss, queer, quell, quench, quenching, quenelle, quening theory, quern, querulous, query, query language, query prucesslng, quest, question, question mark, question-mark, questionable, questioning, questionnaire, queue, queue management, queue up, quibble, quibinary code, quick, quick assets, quick lime, quick tempered, quick witted, quick-tempered, quicken, quicker, quickersort, quicklime, quickly, quicksand, quicksilver, quicksort, quid, quidk-witted, quiescent, quiet, quietly, quietude, quik witted, quill, quilt, quinary, quince, quinine, quinquennial, quinsy, quinte, quintessence, quintet, quintuple, quip, quirk, quit, quit see, quitclaim, quite, quite some tim, quits, quitter, quiver, quixotic, quiz, quizzical, qulities, quod, quoin, quoit, quondam, quorum, quota, quotation, quotation mark, quotation offer, quotation-marks, quote, quoted, quoted company, quoted shares, quotient, quotum


r.s.v.p., rabbet, rabbeted, rabbinate, rabbinical, rabbit, rabble, rabblerourser, rabid, rabies, race, race condition, race cource, race meeting, race riot, race-horse, racecourse, racehorse, racemic acid, racer, rachitis, racial, racily, raciness, racing, rack, rack wheel, rack-rent, racket, racketeer, racking, racoon, racquet, ractify, racy, rad, radar, radial, radiance, radiant, radiate, radiation, radiator, radical, radii, radio, radio directio, radio operator, radio-active, radio-location, radio-operator, radioactive, radioactivity, radiogram, radiograph, radiolocation, radish, radium, radius, radix, radix complement, radix exchange, radix notation, radix point, radix sorting, radix-minus-one complement, raffish, raffle, rafinery, raft, rafter, rafters, raftsman, rag, ragamuffin, rage, ragged, ragged array, ragtag, ragtime, raid, raider, raiding party, rail, rail car, rail consignment note, railing, raillery, railroad, rails, railway, railway bill of lading, railway bridge, railway freight car, railway track, raiment, rain, rain-bow, rainbow, raincoat, rainfall, rainless, rainproof, rainy, raise, raisin, rajah, rajsin, rake, rake off, rake-off, rakish, ralative, ralay-race, rale, rally, ram, ramble, rambler, rambling, rambuncitious, ramification, ramjet, rammer, ramming, ramose, ramp, rampage, rampant, rampart, ramrod, ramshackle, ran, ranch, rancid, rancor, rancorous, rancour, random, random access, random access stored program machine, random algorithms, random logic, random numbers, random sample, random sampling, random variable, random-access device, random-access file, random-acess memory, randomize, randomizing, randomly, randomness, randy, rang, rang correlation, range, ranger, rank, rank correlation coeficient, ranked, rankle, ransack, ransom, rant, rap, rapacious, rapaciousness, rapacitiy, rapacity, rapair, rapartee, rape, rapid, rapid transit, rapidity, rapidly, rapine, rapprochement, rapt, rapture, rare, rarebit, rarefaction, rarefy, rarely, rareness, raring, rarity, rascal, rascality, rase, rash, rasher, rashness, rasp, raspberry, raster scan, rat


s-100 bus, s-gate, s.o.s., sabbath, sable, saboluos, sabotage, sabre, saccharin, sack, sacrament, sacred, sacrifice, sacrilege, sad, sadden, saddle, saddler, sadist, sadness, safe, safeguard, safely, safety, safety at work, saffron, sag, saga, sagacious, sagacity, sage, said, said by shipper to contain, said goods, sail, sailboat, sailing ship, sailor, saint, sake, saker, sal, sal soda, salable, salad, salary, salary rate, sale, saleniferrous, sales abroad, sales agent, sales in ledger, sales invoice, sales order, salesman, salesmen, salient, saline, salinity, saliva, sallow, sally, salmon, saloon, salt, salt water, saltpeter, saltpetre, saltus, salty, salubrious, salutary, salutation, salutatory, salute, salvage, salve, salver, salvia, salvo, samarian, samarium, samba, same, samovar, sampan, sample, sampled, sampled-data system, sampling, sanative, sanctify, sanctimonious, sanctimony, sanction, sanctity, sand, sandal, sandbank, sandpaper, sandstone, sandwich, sandy, sane, saneness, sang, sanguinary, sanitary, sanitation, sanitization, sanity, sank, santa claus, sap, sapience, sapient, sapling, sapper, sapphire, sappy, sarcasm, sardine, sardonic, sash, sashay, sassy, sat, sat forth, satan, satchel, sate, sateen, satelite computer, satelitete, satellite, satiate, satiety, satin, satiny, satire, satirical, satirist, satirize, satisfaction, satisfactorily, satisfactory, satisfiability problem, satisfied, satisfy, satistiability, satrap, satrapy, saturate, saturated, saturation, saturday, saturnine, saturnism, satyr, sauce, saucer, saucy, sauerkraut, saunter, saurian, sausage, savage, savagery, savanna, savant, savation, save, save and except, savege, saving, savings, savings account, savings bank, savour, saw, saw tooth roof, sawed, sawn, sawtooth waveform, saxifrage, saxony, say, say hello, saying, scab, scabbard, scaffold, scaffolding, scalar, scald, scale, scale model, scalene, scaler, scales


t distribution, t flip-flop, t shape, t shirt, t square, t type flip-flop, t-gate, t-shirt, tab, tabernacle, table, table loop-up, table of accounts, table-driven algorithm, tablet, tabular, tabulate, tacit, taciturn, tack, tackle, tacky, tact, tactical, tactics, tactile, tactless, tadpole, tag, tagged architecture, tail, tail to meet performance requirements, tailor, tailored program, taint, take, take medicatio, take off, take pride, take the time, taken, taken aback, taking in charge, taklc, taksi, tale, tale-up reel, talent, talk, talkative, tall, tallow, tally, tally sheet, talon, tambour, tambourine, tame, tamp, tamper, tamper steel, tan, tandem, tanet, tang, tangent, tangerine, tangible, tangle, tank, tankard, tanker, tanner, tannery, tantalize, tantamount, tantrum, tap, tape, tape cartridge, tape deck, tape drive, tape file, tape format, tape header, tape label, tape mark, tape marker, tape punch, tape reader, tape recorder, tape transport, tape unit, tape- hounded turing machine, tape-recorder, taper, tapering, tapestry, tapeworm, tar, tardy, tare, target, target alphabet, target program, tariff, tariff item, tariff margin, tariff number, tarnish, tarpaulin, tarry, tart, tartar, task, tassel, taste, tasteful, tasteless, tatters, tattle, tattoo, taught, taunt, taut, tautology, tavern, tawdry, tawny, tax, tax allowance, tax deductions, taxes, taxi, taxiway, taxpayer, tea, tea party, tea pot, tea spoon, tea urn, tea-party, tea-pot, tea-spoon, tea-urn, teach, teacup, team, teamwork, teaport, tear, tease, teat, technical, technical ability, technical assistance, technical bid, technical committee, technical specifications, technician, technics, technique, technologist, technology, techy, tectonic, teddy bear, teddy-bear, tedious, teem, teen ager, teen-ager, teens, teeth, teetotaler, teetotaller, tele, tele-, telecast, teleconferencing, telegram, telegraph, telegraphic transfer, telegraphist, telephone, teleprinter, telescope, telescopic, teletex, teletext, teletype, teletype write, teletypewriter, television, telewriter, telex, tell, tell me, teller, telling


ubiquitous, ubistvo, ucsd pascal, udder, ugliness, ugly, ukrainian, ukulele, ulcer, ullage, ulterior, ultimate, ultimately, ultimatum, ultimo, ultra, ultra violet, ultra-, ultra-violet, ultramarine, ultrasonic, umber, umbilicus, umbrage, umbrageous, umbrella, umpire, umpteen, unabashed, unable, unabridged, unacceptable, unaccompanied, unaccountable, unaccustomed, unacquainted, unadopted, unadvisedly, unafamilira, unaffected, unaided, unalterable, unanimity, unanimous, unanswerable, unanswered, unap.odrediti, unap.zakljuc., unap.zaklju~., unarmed, unary operation, unasked, unassailable, unassuming, unattainable, unattended, unauthorized, unavailing, unavaling, unaware, unawares, unbalanced, unbearable, unbeatable, unbecoming, unbeknown, unbelief, unbelievable, unbelieving, unbend, unbending, unbiassed, unbidden, unbind, unblamable, unbound, unbounded, unbridled, unbroken, unbundling, unburden, unbuttoned, uncalled, uncalled for, uncalled-for, uncanny, uncared for, uncared-for, unceasing, unceremonious, uncertain, uncertainty, unchain, unchallenged, uncharitable, unchristian, uncivilized, uncle, unclose, unclothe, uncoil, uncomely, uncomfortable, uncommited, uncommitted, uncommitted logic array, uncommon, uncommonly, uncompromising, uncompromizing, unconcerned, unconditional, unconditional order, unconditionally, unconfirmed letter of credit, unconscious, uncontested, uncork, uncover, uncritical, uncrossed cheque, unctuous, undamped, undaunted, undeceive, undecidable, undecided, undefiled, undefined, undeniable, under, under compulsion of law, under consideration, under construction, under develope, under the (following) procedure, under the aegi, underable, underchlothes, underclothes, underclothing, underdeveloped, underdone, underestimate, underflow, underfoot, undergarment, undergo, undergone, undergrad, undergraduate, undergroud, undergroudn, underground, underhand, underlain, underlay, underlie, underline, underlying, undermine, undermost, underneath, underpass, underpay, underpin, underproductio, underproduction, underrate, underservedly, undershirt, undersign, undersigned, undersirable, undersized, understady, understand, understanding, understate, understood, understudy, undertake, undertaker, undertaking, undertone, undertstanding, undervalue, underveloped, underwater, underwear, underworld, underwrite, underwriter, undesirable, undetected error, undid, undies, undirected, undirected graph, undiscerning

V, vac, vacanc, vacancy, vacant, vacate, vacation, vacation perio, vaccinate, vaccine, vaccum, vacillate, vacillation, vacua, vacuity, vacuous, vacuum, vacuums, vagabond, vagary, vagin, vagrancy, vagrant, vague, vain, vainglorious, vale, valedictory, valet, valiant, valid, valid contract, validation test, validity, validity date, valise, valley, valorization, valour, valuable, valuation, value, value 18 april, valued custome, valued policy, valve, vamp, van, vandal, vandalism, vane, vanguard, vanilla, vanish, vanity, vanquish, vantage, vapid, vapor, vaporize, vaporous, vapour, variability, variable, variable costs, variance, variant, variation, variation in prices, varied, variegated, variety, various, varnish, varsity, vary, vascular, vase, vaseline, vassal, vast, vat, vat + service; value added tax, vault, vaunt, veakness, veal, vecolity range, veer, vegetable, vegetarian, vegetate, vegetation, vehemence, vehement, vehicle, vehicle registration, veil, vein, vell read, vell-read, velocity, velvet, velvety, venal, vendor, vendors account, vendors price list, veneer, veneered wall, venerabl, venerable, veneration, venereal, vengeance, vengeful, venial, venision, venison, venom, venomous, vent, ventil, ventilate, ventilation, ventilator, venture, veracious, veracity, verandah, verb, verbal, verbatim, verbiage, verbose, verdant, verdict, verdure, verge, vericail, verification, verified, verify, verily, verissimilitud, verissimilitude, veritabel, veritable, veritiy, vermiculite, vermilion, vermin, verminous, vernacular, vernier, versatile, versatility, verse, versed, version, versus, vertex, vertical, vertical post, verve, very, very much, veslac, vesla~, vessel, vest, vestibule, vestige, vestment, vet, vet; value excluding taxes, veteran, veterinary, veto, vex, vexation, vexatious, vexing, via, viaduct, viands, vibrant, vibrate, vibration, vibratory, vicar, vice, vice chairman, vice president, vice versa, vice-chairman, vice-president, viceroy, vicinity, vicious


w.c., wabble, wad, wadding, waddle, wade, waders, wafer, waft, wag, wag(g)on, wage, wage a struggl, wage labour, wage labourer, wager, wages, waggery, waggish, waggon, wagon, wagon lit, wagon-lit, waif, wail, waist, waistcoat, wait, waiter, waiting in lin, waitress, waive, waiver, wake, waken, walk, walker, wall, wall calendar, wall eye, wall footing, wall tiles, wall-eye, wallet, wallflower, wallop, wallow, wallpaper, walnut, walrus, waltz, wan, wand, wander, wanderer, wane, want, wanton, war, war office, war plane, war ship, war-office, war-plane, war-ship, warble, ward, ward room, warden, warder, wardrobe, ware, warehouse, warehouse receipt, warehousing, wares, warfare, warily, warlike, warm, warmonger, warmongering, warmth, warn, warning, warp, warping, warrant, warranties, warranty, warrior, warship, wart, wary, was, wash, wash leather, wash stand, wash-leather, wash-stand, washing, washing out, wasp, wastage, waste, waste land, waste of time, waste pipe,