Онлайн Словари - Online dictionaries

a, A (abbreviation for ampere), A (note), a bit, a little, A/D (abbreviation for analog to digital), abacterial, abacus, abaft, abandon (to -), abandoned, abandonee, abandonment, abase (to -), abasement, abash (to -), abashed, abashing, abatement, abattoir, abaxial, abbash (to -), abbe, abbess, abbey, abbot, abbreviate (to -), abbreviation, abbreviation (abbreviation for abbreviation), abc, abdicate (to -), abdication, abdomen, abdominal, abdominally, abduct (to -), abduction, abductor, abductors, abeam, abed, abend (abbreviation for abnormal end), aberrancy, aberrant, aberration, abetment, abettor, abeyance, abhor (to -), abhorrence, abhorrent, ABI (abbreviation for application binary interface), abidance, abide (to -), abiding, ability, abject, abjuration, abjure (to -), ablation, ablative, ablaze, able, able-bodied, ablution, ably, abnegate, abnegation, abnormal, abnormal use, abnormality, abnormally, aboard, abode, abolish (to -), abolishment, abolition, abolitionist, abominable, abominate (to -), abomination, aboriginal, aborigine, abort (to -), abortion, abortionist, abortive, abound (to -), about, about-face, above, aboveboard, abrade (to -), abrasion, abrasive, abreast, abridge (to -), abridged, abridgement, abroad, abrogate (to -), abrupt, abruptly, abruptness, abscess, abscond (to -), absence, absent, absent-minded, absentee, absentminded, absolute, absolute address, absolutely, absolutely not, absoluteness, absolution, absolutism, absolve (to -), absorb (to -), absorbed, absorbent, absorber, absorbing, absorption, absorve (to -), abstain (to -), abstainer, abstemious, abstention, abstinence, abstinent, abstract, abstracted, abstraction, abstruse, absurd, absurdity, absurdly, abundance, abundant, abundantly, abuse, abusive, abusively, abut (to -), abutment, abysmal, abyss, AC (abbreviation for automatic computing), AC - powered, academic, academically, academician, academy, ACC (abbreviation for accumulator), accede (to -), accelerate (to -), accelerated, acceleration, accelerator, accent, accentuate (to -), accentuation, accept (to -), acceptability, acceptable, acceptably, acceptance, access (to -), access card, access code, access control, access level, access time, accessible, accession, accessories, accessory, accident, accidental, accidentally, acclaim (to -), acclamation, acclimate, acclimation, acclimatization, acclimatize (to -), acclivity, accolade, accommodate (to -), accommodating, accommodation, accompaniment, accompanist, accompany (to -), accomplice, accomplish (to -), accomplished, accomplishment


B (note), B-ISDN (abbreviation for broadband ISDN), babble, babe, baboon, baby, baby elver, babyhood, babyish, babysitter, baccarat, bachelor, bachelorhood, bacilli, bacillus, back, back up (to -), back-end, back-up, back-up disc, backache, backbite (to -), backbone, backbone (cable), backbone (FIG), backer, backgammon, background, background noise, background program, backhand, backing, backlash, backlighting, backlit screen, backlog, backpack, backrest, backseat, backside, backspace (to -), backstitch, backtrack (to -), backtracking, backup equipment, backup file, backward, backwardness, backwards, backwoods, backyard, bacon, bacteria, bacterial disease, bacterial spore, bacteriologist, bacteriology, bacterium, bad, badge, badger, badly, badminton, badness, Baetic Cordillera, baffle, bafflement, bag, baggage, baggy, baggy pants, bagpipe, bail, bailey, bailiff, bait, bake, bake (to -), baked, baker, bakery, balance, balance (to -), balcony, bald, balderdash, baldly, baldness, bale, bale loader, bale of straw, Balearic Islands, baler, balk, ball, ballad, ballan wrasse, ballast, ballerina, ballet, ballistic, ballistics, balloon, ballot, ballroom, balm, balmy, balsam, Baltic Sea, baluster, balustrade, bamboo, bamboozle, ban, banal, banality, banana, band, bandage, bandanna, bandbox, bandit, bandmaster, bandstand, bandwidth, bandy, baneful, bang, banish (to -), banishment, banister, banjo, bank, bankbook, banker, banking, banknote, bankrupt, bankruptcy, banner, banquet, banter, baptism, baptismal, Baptist, baptize, bar (to -), barb, barbarian, barbaric, barbarism, barbarous, barbecue, barbed wire, barbel, barber, barbiturate, bard, bare, bareback, barefaced, barefoot, bareheaded, barely, bareness, bargain, bargaining, barge, baritone, barium, barium pap, bark, barley, barmaid, barman, barn, barnacle, barnyard, barometer, barometric, baron, baroness, barony, baroque, barrack, barracks, barrage, barred, barrel, barren, barrenness, barricade, barrier, barring, barrister, barroom, barrow, bartender, barter, basalt


C (note), cab, cabal, cabala, cabalistic, cabana, cabaret, cabbage, cabdriver, cabin, cabinet, cabinetmaker, cabinetmaking, cable, cable harness, cablegram, cacao, cache, cache (memory), cachet, cackerel, cackle, cacophony, cactus, cad, CAD (abbreviation for computer aided design), cadaver, cadaverous, caddie, cadence, cadet, cadmium, cadre, caducity, CAE (abbreviation for computer aided engineering), cafe, cafeteria, caffeine, cage, caged, cagey, caiman, caisson, cajole (to -), cajolery, cake, calamary, calamitous, calamity, calcaneus, calcareous, calcic, calcification, calcified, calcify, calcination, calcined, calcium, calculable, calculate (to -), calculating, calculation, calculus, caldron, calendar, calendar dates, calf, calfskin, caliber, calibrate (to -), calibrated, calibration, calico, California, Californian, caliper, caliph, calisthenics, calk (to -), call, call (to -), call for papers, caller, calligrapher, calligraphy, calling, callous, callously, callousness, callow, callus, calm, calmative, calmly, calmness, caloric, calorie, calorimeter, calumniate (to -), calumny, Calvary, calyx, cam, CAM (abbreviation for computer aided manufacturing), camaraderie, camber, Cambodia, cambric, camel, camel-hair, camellia, cameo, cameraman, camouflage, camouflaging, camp, camp (to -), campaign, campaigner, camper, campfire, camphor, camping, campus, can, can (to -), can opener, Canada, Canadian, canal, canalization, canalize (to -), canary, Canary Islands, canasta, cancel (to -), canceled, Cancer, cancer, cancerous, candelabrum, candid, candidacy, candidate, candidature, candidly, candidness, candied, candle, candleholder, candlestick, candlewick, candor, candy, candy (to -), cane, canine, canister, canned, canned software, canner, cannery, cannibal, cannibalism, cannon, cannonade, cannonball, cannoneer, canny, canoe, canon, canonical, canonization, canonize (to -), canopy, cant, Cantabrian Mountains, cantaloupe, cantankerous, canteen, canter, cantilever, cantina, cantonment, cantor, canvas, canvass, canyon, cap, cap with earflaps, capability, capable, capacious, capacitate (to -), capacitor, capacity, cape, cape lobster, capelan, capelin


D (note), dab, dabble (to -), dad, daddy, daffodil, daft, dagger, dahlia, daily, daintily, daintiness, dainty, dairy, dairy cow, dairyman, dais, daisy, dale, dally (to -), dam, damage, damaged, damages, damaging, damask, dame, damn, damnable, damnation, damned, damp, dampen (to -), dampness, damsel, dance, dance (to -), dancer, dancing, dandelion, dandruff, dandy, Dane, danger, dangerous, dangerously, dangle (to -), Danish, dank, Danube, dapper, dapple (to -), dappled, Dardanelles (the -), dare, daredevil, daring, dark, darken (to -), darkness, darkroom, darling, darn (to -), darning, DARPA (abbreviation for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), dart, dash, dashing, dastardly, data communications, data diddling, data encryption standard, data highway, data leakage, data link, data mining, data terminal-circuit equipment, data throughput, data traffic, DATACOM (abbreviation for data communications), datagram, date, date of birth, date-shell, dated, datum, daub (to -), daughter, daughter board, daughter-in-law, daunt (to -), dauntless, davenport, davit, dawdle (to -), dawdler, dawn, day, day of the week, daybook, daybreak, daydream, daylight, daytime, daze (to -), dazzle, dazzling, dB (decibel), DCD (abbreviation for data carrier detected), DCE (abbreviation for data terminal-circuit equipment), de, de facto, de facto standard, deacon, deaconess, deactivate (to -), dead, dead line, deaden (to -), deadline, deadlock, deadly, deaf, deaf-mute, deafen (to -), deafening, deafness, deal, dealer, dealing, dean, dear, dearly, dearth, death, deathbed, deathless, deathly, debacle, debar (to -), debase (to -), debasement, debatable, debate, debauch, debauchery, debilitate (to -), debility, debit, debonair, debris, debt, debtor, debug (to -), debugger, debut, debutante, decade, decadence, decadent, decaffeinated, decalcomania, decamp (to -), decant (to -), decanter, decanting, decapitate (to -), decapitation, decay, decease, deceased, deceit, deceitful, deceive (to -), deceiver, December, decency, decent, decentralize (to -), deception, deceptive, decibel, decide (to -), decided, decimal, decimal places, decimate (to -), decimation, decipher (to -), decision, decision making, decision support system, decisive, deck, declamation, declaration, declension, decline, decline (to -), declining


E (note), e-mail (electronic mail), e-mail (to -), e-zine (abbreviation for electronic magazine), eager, eagerly, eagerness, eagle, eaglet, ear, earache, earl, earlier, early, early detection, earn (to -), earnest, earnestly, earnestness, earnings, earphone, earring, earth, earth ball, earthen, earthenware, earthly, earthquake, earthworm, earthy, earwig, ease, easel, easement, easily, easiness, east, Easter, eastern, eastward, easy, easy wearing, eat (to -), eatable, eaves, eavesdrop (to -), ebb (to -), ebone, ebony, eccentric, eccentricity, ecclesiastic, ecclesiastical, ECG (abbrev. for electrocardiogram), ECG electrode, ECG monitoring, ECG waveform, echelon, echo, echocardiography, echography, echolalia, echopraxia, eclectic, eclecticism, eclipse, ecogram, ecographer, ecological, ecology, economic, economical, economically, economics, economist, economize, economy, ecstasy, ecstatic, Ecuador, Ecuadorian, ecumenical, eczema, ED (abbreviation for end delimiter), eddy, edema, edge, edged, edging, edgy, EDI (abbreviation for Electronic Data Interchange), edible, edible crab, edict, edification, edifice, edify, Edinburgh, edit (to -), editing, edition, editor, editorial, EDP (abbreviation for electronic data processing), educate (to -), educated, education, educational, educator, eel, eel-pout, eerie, efface (to -), effect, effective, effective from, effectively, effectiveness, effectual, effeminate, effervescence, effete, efficacious, efficacy, efficiency, efficient, efficiently, effigy, effort, effortlessly, effrontery, egg, eggplant, eggshell, egoism, egoist, egoistic, egotism, egotist, egregious, Egypt, Egyptian, eight, eighteen, eighteenth, eighth, eighty, either, ejaculate (to -), ejaculation, eject (to -), ejection, El Salvador, elaborate, elaboration, elapse (to -), elapsed time, elastic, elastic cartilagenous tissue, elasticity, elate (to -), elation, Elbe, elbow, elder, elderly, elect (to -), election, elective, elector, electoral, electorate, electric, electric range, electric ray, electrical, electrically, electrician, electricity, electrification, electrify (to -), electrocardiogram, electrocardiograph, electrocardiography, electrochemistry, electrocute (to -), electrocution, electrode, electroencephalograph, electroencephalography, electrolysis, electrolyte, electromagnet, electromagnetism, electron, electron microscope, electronic, electronic magazine, electronic mail, electronic mall


F (note), fable, fabled, fabric, fabricate, fabrication, fabulous, facade, face, facet, facetious, facial, facial conjunct, facile, facilitate (to -), facilities (plural), facility, facing, facsimile, facsimile ( fax), fact, faction, factor, factorize (to -), factory, factual, faculty, fad, fade (to -), fading, faecal, Faeroe Islands, fag, faggot, fail (to -), fail-safe system, failing, failure, faint (to -), fainting, faintly, fair, fairground, fairly, fairness, fairway, fairy, faith, faithful, faithfully, faithless, fake, fake fur, faker, fakir, falcon, falconry, fall (to -), fallacious, fallacy, fallibility, fallible, falling, fallopian tube, fallout, fallow, fallow field, false, false albacore, falsehood, falsely, falseness, falsetto, falsification, falsify (to -), falter (to -), fame, famed, familiar, familiarity, familiarize (to -), family, famine, famished, famous, fan, fan (to -), fan in, fan out, fanatic, fanatical, fanaticism, fancied, fanciful, fancy, fanfare, fang, fantail, fantasia, fantastic, fantastically, fantasy, FAQ (abbreviation for frequently asked questions), far, farad, faraway, farce, farcical, fare, farewell, farm, farm track, farmer, farmhouse, farming, farmland, farmstead, farmworker, farmyard, farsighted, fascinate (to -), fascinating, fascination, fascism, fashion, fashionable, fast, fasten (to -), fastener, fastening, fasting, fat, FAT (abbreviation for file allocation table), fatality, fatally, fate, fated, fateful, father, father-in-law, fatherhood, fatherland, fatherly, fathom, fatigue, fatten (to -), fatty, fatuous, faucet, fault, faultfinder, faultfinding, faultless, faultlessly, faulty, faun, fauna, favor, favor (to -), favorable, favorably, favored, favorite, favoritism, fawn, fax, fax (to -), faze (to -), FDD (floppy disk drive), FDDI (abbreviation for fiber digital device interface), fear, fear (to -), fearful, fearless, fearlessness, fearsome, feasibility, feasible, feast, feat, feather, feathered, featherweight, feathery, feature, featureless, febrile, February, feces, fecund, federal, federalism, federate (to -), federation, feeble, feebleness, feed (to -), feedback circuit, feeding, feel (to -)


G (giga), G (note), gab, gabardine, gabble, gable, gadget, gaff, gag, gag (to -), gage, gaiety, gain (to -), galaxy, gale, galena, Galician, gall, gall bladder, gall stone, gall-bladder, gallant, gallantry, galleon, gallery, galley, galling, gallon, gallop, galloping, gallows, galore, galvanize (to -), gambit, gamble, gambler, gambling, gambol, game, gamekeeper, gamut, gander, gang, ganglion, gangplank, gangrene, gangrenous, gangster, gangway, gap, gape, gaper, garage, garb, garbage, garble, garden, gardener, gardenia, gardening, garfish, gargantuan kludge, gargle, gargoyle, garland, garlic, garment, garner, garnet, garnish, garrison, garrulity, garrulous, garter, gas, gas chromatography, gas discharge display, gas station, gash, gasoline, gasp, gassy, gastritis, gate, gatekeeper, gateway, gather (to -), gathering, gauche, gaudiness, gaudy, gauge, gauge (to -), gaunt, gauntlet, gauze, gavel, gawky, gay, gaze, gazette, Gb (gigabit), GB (gigabyte), gear, gearing, gears, geese, gel, gelding, gem, gemelli, gender, gene, genealogical, genealogy, general, general practice, general purpose, generality, generalization, generalize (to -), generally, generalship, generate (to -), generation, generator, generic, generosity, generous, genesis, genetic, geneticist, genetics, Geneva, geniality, genital, genitalia, genius, genocide, genre, genteel, gentile, gentility, gentle, gentleman, gentlemanly, gentlemen, gentleness, gently, gentry, genuflection, genuine, genuineness, genus, geographer, geographical, geography, geology, geometer, geometric, geometry, geophysical, geophysics, Georgia, Georgics (the -), geranium, geriatric, germ, German, German Democratic Republic, German measles, germane, Germany, germicide, germinate (to -), germination, gerund, gestation, gesticulate (to -), gesticulation, gesture, get up (to -), get-together, getaway, getup, geyser, ghastly, ghetto, ghost, ghostly, giant, gibber, gibberish, gibbon, gibe, GIF (abbreviation for graphics interchange format), gift, gifted, gig, gigabit


haberdasher, haberdashery, habiliment, habilitate (to -), habit, habitable, habitat, habitation, habitual, habitually, Habsburg, hack (to -), hacker, haddock, haematoma, haemogram, haemophilia, haemorrhage, haemorrhoids, hag, haggard, haggle, haggle (to -), Hague (The -), hail, hailstone, hailstorm, hair, hair follice, hair-tail, hairbrush, haircut, hairdo, hairdresser, haired, hairless, hairnet, hairpiece, hairpin, hairspring, hairy, Haiti, Haitian, hake, hale, half, half-baked, half-breed, half-day, half-hearted, half-height, half-holiday, half-hour, half-mast, half-wit, halfback, halfpenny, halftone, halfway, halibut, hall, hallelujah, hallmark, hallow (to -), hallowed, Halloween, hallucinate (to -), hallucination, hallway, halo, halogen, halt, halter, halting, halve (to -), halyard, ham, Hamburg, hamburger, hamlet, hammer, hammer (to -), hammerhead, hammering, hammock, hamper, hamper (to -), hamstring, hand, hand-to-hand, handbag, handball, handbell, handbill, handbook, handcart, handcuff, handful, handgun, handhold, handicap, handicapped, handicraft, handiwork, handkerchief, handle, handling, handmade, handmaid, handout, handrail, handsaw, handset, handshake, handsome, handsomeness, handspring, handwork, handwriting, handy, hang (to -), hang up (to -), hangar, hanger, hanging, hangman, hangnail, hangup, hank, hanker (to -), hankering, Hanover, Hansen's disease, haphazard, hapless, happen (to -), happening, happiness, happy, harangue (to -), harass (to -), harassment, harbinger, harbor, hard, hard clam, hard disk, hard-headed, hard-hearted, harden (to -), hardiness, hardly, hardness, hardship, hardware, hardwired, hardwood, hardy, harebrained, harem, hark (to -), Harlequin, harlot, harm, harm (to -), harmless, harmonic, harmonica, harmonious, harmonium, harmonize, harmony, harness, harp, harpist, harpoon, harpsichord, harpy, harrier, harrowing, harry (to -), harsh, harshness, harvest, harvester, hash, hasheesh, hashish, hassle, hassock, haste, hasten (to -), hasty, hat, hatbox, hatch, hatch ( to -), hatch (to -), hatchery, hatchet


I, IAB (abbreviation for Internet Architecture Board), iambic, IANA (abbreviation for Internet Assigned Number Authority), iatrogenic, Iberian Cordillera, IC (integrated circuit), ice, ice axe, ice cream, ice-cream cone, iceberg, icebox, Iceland, icily, iciness, icing, ICMP (abbreviation for Internet control message protocol), icon, iconoclast, icterus, ictus epilepticus, ICU (abbrev. for intensive care unit), icy, id (abbreviation for identification), ID (abbreviation for identity), Idaho, idea, ideal, idealism, idealist, idealistic, idealization, idealize, ideally, idem, identical, identifiable, identification, identify (to -), identity, ideological, ideology, idiocy, idiom, idiomatic, idiosyncrasy, idiosyncratic, idiot, idiotic, idle, idle period, idleness, idler, idol, idolater, idolatrous, idolatry, idolize, idyll, idyllic, IEEE (abbreviation for Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), igneous, ignite (to -), ignition, ignoble, ignominious, ignominy, ignoramus, ignorance, ignorant, ignore, iliac, Iliad (the -), ilium, ilk, ill, ill-bread, ill-mannered, ill-omened, illegal, illegality, illegible, illegibly, illegitimacy, illegitimate, illicit, illimitable, Illinois, illiteracy, illiterate, illness, illogical, illuminate (to -), illumination, illusion, illusionist, illusive, illusory, illustrate (to -), illustration, illustrative, illustrator, illustrious, image, imagery, imaginable, imaginary, imagination, imaginative, imagine (to -), imam, imbecile, imbecility, imbibe (to -), IMHO (abbreviation for in my humble opinion), imitate (to -), imitation, immaculate, immanent, immaterial, immature, immaturity, immeasurable, immediacy, immediate, immediately, immemorial, immense, immensity, immerse (to -), immersion, immigrant, immigrate (to -), immigration, imminence, imminent, immobile, immobility, immobilization, immobilize (to -), immoderate, immodest, immodesty, immolate (to -), immoral, immorality, immorally, immortal, immortality, immortalize (to -), immovable, immune, immunity, immunization, immunize (to -), immunological, immunosupressors, imp, impact, impair (to -), impairment, impale (to -), impalpable, impanel (to -), impart (to -), impartial, impartiality, impassable, impasse, impassive, impatience, impatient, impeach, impeachment, impeccable, impecunious, impedance, impede (to -), impediment, impel, impending, impenetrability, impenetrable, impenitence, impenitent, imperative, imperceptible, imperfect, imperfection, imperial, imperialism, imperialist, imperialistic, imperil, imperious, imperishable, impermanent, impermeable, impersonal


jab, jabber, jacaranda, jack (in cards), jackal, jackass, jacket, jackfish, jackknife, jackpot, jackstraw, jade, jaded, jag, jagged, jaggies, jaguar, jail, jailbird, jake, jam, jam in paper feed, jam-free, Jamaica, jamb, jamboree, jangle, janitor, January, Japan, Japanese, jar, jargon, jasmine, jaundice, jaunt, jaunty, javelin, jaw, jawbone, jawbreaker, jay, jaywalker, jazz, jealous, jealousy, jeans, jeans (plural), jeer, jellied, jello, jelly, jellyfish, jeopardize (to -), jeopardy, jerk, jerkin, jerky, Jersey, Jerusalem, jest, jester, Jesuit, Jesus, Jesus Christ, jet, jetlag, jetsam, jettison (to -), jetty, Jew, jewel, jeweler (US), jeweller (UK), jewelry, Jewess, jewfish, Jewish, Jewry, jib, jiffy, jig, jigger, jilt (to -), jimmy, jingle, jingoism, jinx, jitter, jittery, job, jobless, jockey, jocular, jocularity, jocund, jodhpurs, jog, joggle, John Dory, John Lackland, johndory, join (to -), joiner, joinery, joining, joint, joint (to -), jointed, jointly, joist, joke, joker, jollity, jolly, jolt, jonquil, jostle, jot, jounce, journal, journalism, journalist, journalistic, journey, joust, Jove, jovial, joviality, jowl, joy, joyful, joyfulness, joyless, joyous, joystick, jubilant, jubilation, jubilee, Judaism, judge, judgment, judicial, judiciary, judicious, judiciousness, judo, jug, juggle, juggler, jugular, juice, juicy, jujitsu, julep, Julius Caesar, July, jumble, jumbo, jump, jump (to -), jumper, jumpsuit, jumpy, junction, juncture, June, jungle, junior, juniper, junk, junk mail, junta, Jupiter, juridical, jurisprudence, jurist, juror, jury, juryman, just, justice, justifiable, justification, justify, justly, justness, jut, jute, juvenile, juxtapose (to -), juxtaposition


kaleidoscope, kaleidoscopic, kangaroo, Kansas, kaolin, kapok, karat, karate, kayak, Kazakhstan, Kb (abbreviation for kilobit), KB (abbreviation for kilobyte), kbps (abbreviation for kilobits per second), keel, keen, keenness, keep, keeper, keeping, keepsake, keg, kelp, ken (to -), kennel, Kentucky, keratin, keratinocyte, kerchief, kerned letters, kernel, kernel mode, kerning, kerosene, ketch, ketchup, kettle, kettledrum, key, key in (to -), key punch, key-to-disk computer, keyboard layout, keyhole, keynote, keypad, keystone, KHz (abbreviation for kilohertz), kick, kickback, kickoff, kid, kidnap (to -), kidnaper, kidnapper, kidnapping, kidney, kill (to -), killer, killing, kiln, kilo, kilocycle, kilogram, kilohertz, kilometer, kilowatt, kilt, kilter, kimono, kin, kind, kind-hearted, kindergarten, kindle (to -), kindliness, kindly, kindness, kindred, kinetic, kinetics, kinfolk, king, king crab, king prawn, king-size, kingdom, kingfisher, kingly, kingship, kink, kinky, kinship, kinsman, kinswoman, kiosk, kipper, kirk, Kishinev, Kishinyov, kiss, kiss (to -), kit, kitchen, kitchenette, kitchenware, kite, kitten, kittenish, kitty, kiwi, kleptomania, kleptomaniac, klutz, knack, knapsack, knave, knavery, knead (to -), knee, knee-cap, kneecap, kneel (to -), knell (to -), knife, knight, knighthood, knightly, knit, knitted cap, knitting, knitwear, knob, knock, knocker, knoll, knot, knot (to -), knotty, know (to -), know-how, knowingly, knowledge, knowledgeable, knuckle, koala, Koran, Korea, Korean, Krakow, Kremlin, Kurdish, Kurdistan


lab, label, labeled, labial, labile, labor, labor (to -), laboratory, laborer, laborious, labyrinth, lace, lacerate (to -), laceration, lachrymal, lacing, lack, lack (to -), lack of foresight, lackadaisical, laconic, lacquer, lacrimosity, lactase, lactate (to -), lactic, lactobacilli, lactose, lad, ladder, laden, ladle, lady, ladybug, lag, lag (to -), lagged, lagoon, lair, laity, lake, Lake Constance, lake trout, lamb, lame, lament (to -), lamentable, lamentation, laminate, lamp, lampoon, LAN (abbreviation for local area network), lance, land, land lot, land-mass, landholder, landing, landlady, landlord, landlubber, landmark, landowner, landscape, landslide, lane, language, languid, languish (to -), languor, lank, lanky, lanolin, lantern, Laos, lap, lapel, LAPM (abbreviation for link access procedure for modems), lapse, laptop, larceny, larch, lard, larder, large, large intestine, large-eyed dente, large-scale, largely, larger forkbeard, larger spotted dogfish, lariat, larinx, lark, larva, larval, laryngitis, larynx, lascivious, laser printer, lash, lassie, lassitude, lasso, last, last (to -), last name, lasting, latch, latchkey, late, lately, latency, latent, later, lateral, latest, lathe, lather, Latin, latitude, latrine, latter, lattice, Latvia, Latvian, laud (to -), laudable, laudanum, laudatory, laugh, laugh (to -), laughable, laughter, launch, launch program, launcher, launching, launderette, laundress, laundromat, laundry, laundryman, laureate, laurel, Lausanne, lava, lavatory, lavish, law, lawful, lawless, lawman, lawn, lawsuit, lawyer, lax, laxity, lay (to -), lay-off, layer, layman, layoff, layout, lazy, LCP (abbreviation for link control protocol), LDAP (abbreviation for light directory access protocol), leaching, lead, lead (to -), leaden, leader, leadership, leading, leaf, leaflet, leafstalk, leafy, league, leak, leakage, leaky, lean, leaning, leap, leap (to -), leaping grey mullet, learn (to -), learned, learning, lease, leased line, leash, leasing, least, leather, leather carp, leathery, leave, leave (to -)


mA (abbreviation for milliampere), MAC (abbreviation for media access control), macabre, macaroni, macaronic, macaroon, mace, Macedonia, macerate (to -), maceration, machete, machinate (to -), machination, machine, machine translation, machinery, machinist, macho, mackerel, mackerel shark, mackerel tuna, macro, macrocosm, macrocosmic, macula, mad (US), madam, Madame, madcap, madden (to -), maddening, made to measure, madly, madman, madness, Madrid, madrigal, maelstrom, maestro, Mafia, magazine, maggot, maggoty, magic, magic wand, magical, magician, magisterial, magistrate, magnanimity, magnanimous, magnate, magnesia, magnesium, magnet, magnetic, magnetism, magnetization, magnetize, magneto, magnificence, magnificent, magnifier, magnify (to -), magnitude, magpie, maid, maiden, maidservant, mail, mail (to -), mail gateway, mail-merging, mailbag, mailbox, mailing list, mailman, maim, main, Maine, mainframe, mainland, mainly, mainsail, mainspring, mainstay, maintain (to -), maize, majestic, majestically, majesty, major, Majorca, majority, make (to -), make-believe, make-up, maker, makeshift, makeup, making, maladjusted, maladroit, malady, malaise, malar, malaria, malcontent, male, malefactor, malevolence, malevolent, malice, malicious, malign, malign (to -), malignancy, mallard, malleable, mallet, malnutrition, malpractice, malt, maltreat (to -), maltreatment, mama, mammal, mammoth, mammy, man, MAN (abbreviation for metropolitan area network), man-at-arms, man-made, manage (to -), manageable, management, manager, manageress, managerial, managing, mandarin, mandate, mandatory, mandible, mandolin, mandrel, mane, maneuver, manful, mange, manger, mangle, mango, mangy, manhole, manhood, maniac, maniac-depressive, manicure, manicurist, manifest, manifestation, manifesto, manipulate (to -), manipulation, manipulator, mankind, manliness, manly, manna, mannequin, manner, mannerism, manners, manners (plural), mannish, manometer, manor, manpower, manservant, mansion, manslaughter, mantelpiece, mantis, mantis shrimp, manual, manually, manufacture (to -), manufacturing, manure, manuring, manuscript, many, map, MAP (abbreviation for manufacturing automation protocol), map (to -), mapping, mar (to -), marathon, maraud (to -)


nab, nadir, nag, nail, naive, naked, nakedness, name, name (to -), nameless, namely, nameplate, namesake, nanny, nanosecond, nap, NAP (abbreviation for network access point), nape, naphtha, napkin, narcissism, narcissus, narcosis, narcotic, narrate (to -), narration, narrative, narrator, narrow, nasal, nasal cannula, nascent, nastiness, nasty, natal, nation, national, nationalism, nationalist, nationality, nationalization, nationalize, nationalized, native, nativity, natty, natural, naturalist, naturalization, naturalize, naturally, naturalness, nature, naught, naughtiness, naughty, nausea, nauseate (to -), nauseous, nautical, naval, Navarre, nave, navel, navigability, navigable, navigate (to -), navigation, navigator, navy, navy blue (color), nay, Nazi, NC (abbreviation for network computer), NCP (abbreviation for network control protocol), NCSA (abbreviation for National Center for Supercomputing Applications), near, near letter quality, nearby, nearly, nearness, nearsighted, neat, neatly, neatness, Nebraska, nebula, nebulous, necessarily, necessary, necessitate (to -), necessity, neck, neckerchief, necklace, necktie, neckwear, necromancy, nectar, nectarine, need, needful, needle, needlefish, needless, needs (plural), needy, nefarious, negate (to -), negation, negative, negative percent, negatively, negativism, neglect (to -), neglectful, negligee, negligence, negligent, negligible, negotiable, negotiate (to -), negotiation, neigh, neighbor, neighborhood, neighboring, neighborly, neither, neologism, neon, neophropaphy, neoplasia, nephew, nephron, nepotism, Neptune, Nero, nerve, nerve fever, nerveless, nervous, nervousness, nervy, nest, nested loops (plural), nestle (to -), net, net runner, net surfing, NetBEUI (abbreviation for NetBIOS extended user interface), NetBIOS (abbreviation for network BIOS), Netherlands (the -), netiquette, netizen, nettle (to -), network, network analysis, networking, neural, neuralgia, neurogenic bladder, neurologist, neurology, neuron, neuronal, neurosis, neurotic, neuter, neutral, neutrality, neutralization, neutralize, neutron, Nevada, never, nevermore, nevertheless, new, New York, newborn, newcomer, newfangled, newly, newlyweds (plural), newness, news, news (plural), newsboy, newscaster, newsgroup, newsletter, newspaper, newspaperman, newsprint, newsreel, newsstand, newsworthy, newsy (US), newt


oaf, oak, oar, oarlock, oasis, oat, oat-grass, oatcake, oath, oatmeal, obedience, obedient, obediently, obelisk, obese, obesity, obey, obituary, object, object-oriented, objection, objectionable, objective, objectivity, objector, obligate (to -), obligation, obligatory, oblige (to -), obliging, oblique, obliterate (to -), oblivion, oblivious, oblong, obnoxious, oboe, obscene, obscenity, obscure (to -), obscurity, observable, observance, observant, observation, observatory, observe (to -), observer, obsess (to -), obsession, obsolescence, obsolescent, obsolete, obstacle, obstetrical, obstetrician, obstetrics, obstinacy, obstinate, obstruct (to -), obstruction, obtain (to -), obtrusion, obtrusive, obtuse, obverse, obvious, obviously, obviousness, occasion, occasional, occasionally, occident, occidental, occipital, occlude (to -), occlusion, occult, occupancy, occupant, occupation, occupational, occupational disease, occupied, occupier, occupy (to -), occur (to -), occurrence, ocean, ocean perch (US), oceanic, ocher, octagon, octal, octane, octave, October, octopus, ocular, oculist, odd, odd parity, oddball, oddity, odds (plural), ode, odious, odium, odophobia, odor, odorous, Odyssey (the -), oedema, OEM (abbreviation for original equipment manufacturer), oesophagus, of, of course, off, off-line, offal, offence (UK), offend (to -), offender, offense (US), offensive, offer, offer (to -), offering, offhand, office, officer, official, officially, officiate, offshoot, offside, offspring, often, ogre, Ohio, ohm, oil, oil (crude -), oil mill, oiler, oilskin, oily, ointment, ok, okay, old, old wife, old-fashioned, oleaginous, olfactory, oligarchy, oligoelement, olive, olive cultivation, olive grove, olive grower, olive-residue oil, omelet, omen, ominous, omission, omit (to -), omnibus, omnipotence, omnipotent, omnipresence, omnipresent, omniscience, omniscient, omnivorous, on, on-demand report, on-line, on-site, on-site maintenance, once, once more, one, ongoing, onion, onion diagram, onionskin, online help, onlooker, only, onomatopoeia, onomatopoeic, onset, onslaught, onto, onward, onyx, OOP (abbreviation for object oriented programming), ooze (to -), oozy


p.m., pa, PABX (abbreviation for private automatic branch exchange), pace, pacemaker, pacific, Pacific Ocean, pacification, pacifier, pacifism, pacifist, pacify (to -), pack (to -), package, packaging, packer, packet, packet switching, packing, pact, pad, padded, padding, paddle, paddock, padlock, padre, paediatric (UK), pagan, page, page frame, page make-up program, pageant, pager, pagoda, paid, pail, pain, painful, painkiller, painstaking, paint, paint (to -), painter, painting, pair, pajamas, pal, palace, palatable, palatal, palate, palatial, pale, paleface, paleness, paleontological, paleontologist, paleontology, palette, palisade, pallbearer, pallet, palletization, palliative, pallid, pallor, palm, palm oil, palm rest, palmistry, palmtop computer, palpable, palpably, palpitate (to -), palpitation, palsy, paltry, pamper (to -), pamphlet, pan, PAN (abbreviation for personal area network), panacea, Panama, Panama hat, Panamanian, pancake, pancreas, panda, pandemonium, pander, pane, panel, paneling, pang, panic, panicky, pannier, panoply, panorama, panoramic, pansy, pant, panther, panting, pantomime, pantry, pants, panty, papa, papacy, papal, papaya, paper, paper out, paper throw, paper-mill, paperback, papilla, papist, paprika, papyrus, par, parable, parabola, parachute, parachutist, parade, paradigm, paradise, paradox, paradoxical, paradoxically, Paraguay, Paraguayan, parakeet, parallel, parallel interface, parallelism, parallelogram, paralysis, paralytic, paralyze (to -), paramedic, parameter, paramount, paranasal sinus, paranoia, paranoid schizophrenia, parapet, paraphernalia, paraphrase, parasite, parasitic, parasol, paratrooper, paratroops, paratyphoid, parcel, pardon, pare (to -), parent, parentage, parental, parenthesis, parenthood, parents, parietal, Paris, parish, parishioner, Parisian, parity, park, parking, parkway, parliamentarian, parliamentary, parochial, parody, parole, parotid gland, paroxysm, paroxysmal, parquet, parrot, parrot-fish, parry, parser, parsimonious, parsimony, parsley, parsnip, part, part number, part-time, partake (to -), partial, partiality, partially


QAM (abbreviation for quadrature amplitude modulation), QBE (abbreviation for query by example), QM (abbreviation for queue manager), QTM (abbreviation for queue telecomunications access method), qty (abbreviation for quantity), quack (to -), quackery, quadrangle, quadrant, quadraphonic, quadrate, quadratic, quadratic mean, quadrature, quadriceps, quadrilateral, quadroon, quadruped, quadruple, quadruplet, quadruplicate (to -), quaff (to), quagmire, quail, quaint, quake, Quakerism, qualification, qualifier, qualify, qualifying, qualitative, quality, qualm, quandary, quantify (to -), quantitative, quantity, quantum, quarantine, quarrel, quarrelsome, quarry, quart, quarter, quarterly, quartermaster, quartet, quartile, quartz, quasar, quaternary, quaver, quay, queasy, queen, queen scallop, queenly, queer, quell (to -), quench (to -), query, query (to -), quest, question, questionable, questioning, questionnaire, queue, queue (to -), queuing, quibble, quibbler, quick, quicken (to -), quicklime, quickly, quicksand, quicksilver, quickstep, quid, quiescent, quiet, quietly, quietness, quietude, quill, quilt, quilted, quilted waistcoat, quilting, quince, quinine, quintal, quintessence, quintet, quintillion, quintuple, quintuplet, quip, quirk, quit (to -), quite, quits, quiver, quiz, quorum, quota, quotation, quote, quote (to -), quotient


r, rabbi, rabbit, rabble, rabid, rabies, race, racecourse, racer, racetrack, racial, racialism, racialist, racing, racism, racist, rack, racket, racketeer, racquet, racy, radiactive isotope, radial, radiance, radiant, radiate (to -), radiation, radiator, radical, radicalism, radically, radio, radioactive, radioactive isotope, radioactivity, radiograph, radiography, radioisotope, radiological, radiotherapy, radious, radish, radium, radius, raffle, raft, rafter, rag, ragamuffin, rage, ragged, raging, raid, raider, rail, railing, railroad, railway, rain, rain (to -), rainbow, rainbow trout, rainbow wrasse, raincoat, raindrop, rainfall, rainwear, rainy, raise, raise to the power of (to -), raisin, rake, rale stertor, rally, ram, ramble (to -), rambling, ramdomly, ramification, ramp, rampage, rampart, ramrod, ramshackle, ranch, rancher, rancid, rancor, rancorous, random, random numbers, randomize (to -), randomly, range, range values, ranger, rank, ranking, ransack (to -), ransom, rant, rap, rapacious, rapacity, rape, rape (to -), rapid, rapidity, rapidly, rapier, rapine, rapport, rapporteur, rapt, rapture, rapturous, rare, rarefy (to -), rarely, rarity, rascal, rascally, rash, rasher, rashness, raspberry (color), rasping, raster, rat, ratable, rate, rather, ratification, ratify (to -), rating, ratio, ration, rational, rationale, rationalism, rationality, rationalization, rationalize (to -), rationing, rattle, rattler, rattlesnake, raucous, raunchy, ravage, rave (to -), raven, ravenous, ravine, raving, ravish (to -), raw, raw data, raw material, raw silk, rawboned, ray, rayon, rays, raze, razor, razor shell, RD (abbreviation for receive data), re-create (to -), re-do (to -), reabsorption, reach (to -), react (to -), reaction, reactionary, reactivate (to -), reactivation, reactor, read (to -), read out (to -), readable, reader, readily, readiness, reading, readjust (to -), readmit (to -), ready, ready made suit, reaffirm (to -), real, real state, real time chat, real-time, realism, realist, realistic, reality, realizable, realization


s (second), Saarland, Sabbath, saber, sable, sabotage, saboteur, sack, sackful, sacking, sacral, sacrament, sacramental, sacred, sacrifice, sacrificial, sacrilege, sacrilegious, sacrum, sad, sadden (to -), saddle, sadism, sadistic, sadness, sadomasochist, safari (color), safari jacket, safe, safeguard, safely, safeness, safety, safflower, sag, sagacious, sage, Sagittarius, sail, sailboat, sailing, sailor, saint, sainthood, saintliness, saintly, saithe, sake, salacious, salad, salamander, salaried, salary, sale, salesclerk, salesgirl, saleslady, salesman, salesperson, saleswoman, salient, saliva, salivary, salivary gland, salivate (to -), sallow, salmon, salmon trout, salon, saloon, salt, saltcellar, salty, salubrious, salutary, salutation, salute (to -), Salvadoran, Salvadorian, salvage, salvation, salve, salver, salvo, same, sameness, sample, sampling, sampling rate, San Marino, sanatorium, sanctification, sanctify, sanctimonious, sanction, sanctity, sanctuary, sand (color), sand-crab, sand-eel, sand-melt, sandal, sandbag, sandbank, sandblast, sandstone, sandwich, sandwich man, sandy, sane, sanguine, sanitarium, sanitary, sanitation, sanity, sap, SAP (abbreviation for service access point), sapling, sapper, Saragossa, Sarajevo, sarcasm, sarcastic, sarcolemma, sarcophagus, sardine, Sardinia, sardonic, sargo, sartorial, SASE (abbreviation for specific applications service elements), sash, sat (abbreviation for Saturday), Satan, Satanic, satchel, satellite, satiate (to -), satin, satire, satirical, satirize (to -), satisfaction, satisfactorily, satisfactory, satisfied, satisfy (to -), saturate (to -), Saturday, Saturn, satyr, sauce, saucepan, saucer, saucy, sauerkraut, saunter, sauri, sausage, savage, savageness, savagery, savanna, save (to -), saving, savings (plural), savior, savor, savory, saw, sawbuck, sawhorse, sawmill, sawyer, Saxony, saxophone, say (to -), saying, scab, scabbard, scabby, scabies, scad, scaffold, scaffolding, scalability, scalable, scald (to -), scale, scale (to -), scalene, scaling, scallion, scallop, scalp, scalpel, scaly, scamp, scamper (to -), scampy


T-shirt, tab, tabard, tabby, tabernacle, table, table of contents, tablecloth, tableland, tablespoon, tablespoonful, tablet, tableware, tabloid, taboo, tabulate (to -), tabulation, tabulator, tachometer, tachycardia, tachyon, tacit, taciturn, tack, tackle, tact, tactful, tactic, tactical, tactician, tactics, tactile, tactless, tadpole, tag, Tagus, tail, tailcoat, tailleur suit, tailor, tailored, tailored suit, tailoring, taint, take (to -), take (to -, time), take away (to -), take off (to -), takeoff, takings, talc, talcum, tale, talebearer, talent, talented, talisman, talk, talk (to -), talkative, tall, tallow, tally, talon, tamable, tamarind, tambourine, tame, tame (to -), tameable, tamed, taming, tamp (to -), tamper (to -), tamper-proof, tampon, tan, tangent, tangerine (color), tangible, tangle, tango, tank, tankard, tanker, tannery, tantalize (to -), tantamount, tantrum, Taoism, Taoist, tap, tap into (to -), tape, tape (to -), tape search, taper, tapestry, tapioca, tapir, tar, tarantula, tardy, target, tariff, tarnish, tarot, tarry (to -), tarsus, tart, tartan, tartar, tartaric, task, tassel, taste, taste (to -), taste bud, tasteful, tasteles, tasteless, taster, tasty, tattered, tattle, tattler, tattletale, tattoo, taunt (to -), Taurus, taut, tautology, tavern, tawdry, tawny, tax, taxable, taxation, taxi, taxicab, taxidermy, taxpayer, TCP/IP (abbreviation for transmission control protocol/Internet protocol), TD (abbreviation for transmit data), tea, teach (to -), teacher, teaching, teacup, teak, team, teammate, teamwork, teapot, tear, tear (to -), teardrop, tearful, tease (to -), teaser, teaspoon, teaspoonful, teaspoonsful, teat, technical, technician, technique, technocracy, technologic, technological, technologically, technology, tedious, tediously, tedium, teem (to -), teen, teenage, teenager, teens, teeny, teeter, teethe (to -), teething, telecast (to -), telecom, telecommunication, telecommute (to -), telefilm, telegram, telegraph, telegraphic, telegraphy, telemeter, telepathic, telepathy, telephone, telephone handset, telephonist, telephony


U.K. (abbreviation for United Kingdom), U.N. (abbreviation for United Nations), ubiquitous, ubiquity, ubrine, udder, UDP (abbreviation for user datagram protocol), UG (abbreviation for user group), ugliness, ugly, Ukraine (the -), ulcer, ulcerous, ulna, ulterior, ultimate, ultimately, ultimatum, ultrasonic ecogram, ultraviolet, ululate (to -), Ulysses, umbilical, umbrella, umpire, unabashed, unable, unabridged, unacceptable, unaccommodating, unaccountable, unaddressed, unadorned, unadvisable, unadvised, unaffected, unaided, unalloyed, unalterable, unaltered, unambiguous, unanimity, unanimous, unanimously, unannounced, unanswerable, unanswered, unappreciated, unapproachable, unarmed, unasked, unassailable, unassisted, unassuming, unattached, unattainable, unattended, unattractive, unauthorized, unavailable, unavailing, unavoidable, unaware, unbalanced, unbearable, unbecoming, unbelievably, unbeliever, unbend (to -), unbending, unbiased, unblemished, unblushing, unborn, unbounded, unbreakable, unbroken, unbundled system, unburden (to -), unbutton (to -), uncanny, unceasing, unceremonious, uncertain, uncertainty, unchangeable, unchanged, unchanging, uncharitable, unchecked, uncivil, uncivilized, uncle, unclean, unclouded, uncoil (to -), uncomfortable, uncommon, uncomplimentary, uncompromising, unconcerned, unconditional, uncongenial, unconnected, unconscionable, unconscious, unconsciously, unconsolidated, unconstitutional, uncontrollable, uncontrolled, unconventional, unconvincing, uncooked, uncorrected, uncouth, uncover (to -), uncovered, unction, undamaged, undated, undecipherable, undefeated, undefiled, undefined, undelete (to -), undeniable, under, under construction, under way, undercarriage, underclothes (plural), undercurrent, undercut (to -), underdo (to -), underdog, underdone, underemployed, underestimate (to -), underexpose, underfoot, undergarment, undergo (to -), undergraduate, underground, undergrowth, underhand, underlie (to -), underline (to -), underling, underlining, underlying, undermine (to -), underneath, undernourished, underpaid, underpants, underpass, underpin (to -), underprivileged, underrate, underrate (to -), underscore (to -), undersell (to -), undershirt, underskirt, understaffed, understand (to -), understandable, understanding, understudy, undertake (to -), undertaker, undertaking, undertone, undertow, undervalue (to -), underwear, underwrite (to -), underwriter, undeserved, undesirable, undetected, undetermined, undies, undigested, undignified, undisciplined, undisclosed, undisguised, undistributed, undisturbed, undivided, undocumented, undoing, undoubted, undoubtedly, undress (to -), undressed, undrinkable


V (volt), vacancy, vacant, vacate (to -), vacation, vaccinate, vaccination, vaccine, vacillate (to -), vacillation, vacuity, vacuous, vacuum, vagabond, vagina, vaginal, vagrancy, vagrant, vague, vaguely, vain, vainglorious, vainglory, valentine, valet, valiant, valid, validate (to -), validated, validation, validity, valise, valley, valor, valorous, valuable, valuator, value, value added network, valueless, valuer, vamp, vampire, van, VAN (abbreviation for value added network), vandal, vandalism, vane, vanguard, vanilla (color), vanish (to -), vanity, vanquish (to -), vantage, vapid, vapor, vaporization, vaporize (to -), vaporizer, variability, variable, variable expression, variance, variation, varicella, varicose, varicose vein, varied, variegated, variety, various, varnish, varnishing, varsity, varying, vase, vasectomy, vassal, vassalage, vast, vastly, vat, VAT (abbreviation for value added tax), Vatican, Vatican City, vaticinate (to -), vaudeville, vault, vaulted, vaunt, veal, vector, vedic, veer (to -), vegetable, vegetal, vegetarian, vegetarianism, vegetate (to -), vegetation, vehemence, vehement, vehicle, veil, vein, veined, Velasquez, velocipede, velocity, velvet, velveteen, vena cava, venal, venality, vendor, veneer, venerable, venerate (to -), veneration, venereal, Venezuela, Venezuelan, vengeance, vengeful, venial, Venice, venison, venom, venous blood, vent, ventilate (to -), ventilation, ventilator, ventricle, ventricular septum, ventricular tachycardia, ventriloquism, ventriloquist, venture, venturesome, venue, Venus, veracious, veracity, veranda, verb, verbal, verbalize, verbatim, verbena, verbiage, verbose, verbosity, verdant, verdict, verdigris, verge, verger, verification, verify (to -), verisimilitude, veritable, verity, vermifuge, vermilion, vermin, verminous, Vermont, vermouth, vernacular, versatile, versatility, verse, versed, versification, versify, version, verso, versus, vertebra, vertebral, vertebral body, vertebral duct, vertebrate, vertex, vertical, vertices, vertigo, very, vesicle, vessel, vest, vestibule, vestige, vestigial, vestment, vestry, Vesuvius, veteran, veterinarian


W (watt), wad (to -), wadding, waddle, wade (to -), wafer, waffle, wag, wage, wager, waggle, wagon, wail (to -), wailing, WAIS (abbreviation for wide area information server), waist, waistband, waistcoat, waistline, wait, wait (to -), waiter, waiting, waitress, wake, wake up (to -), wakeful, waken (to -), Wales, walk, walkover, wall, wallcovering, walled, wallet, wallflower, wallop, walloping, wallpaper, walnut, walrus, waltz, WAN (abbreviation for wide area network), wand, wander (to -), wanderer, wandering, wanderings (plural), wane (to -), want (to -), wanting, war, ward, warden, wardrobe, ware, warfare, warhead, warily, warm, warm-hearted, warmth, warn (to -), warning, warning message, warning signal, warning system, warp, warrant, warren, warring, warrior, Warsaw, warship, wart, wart venus shell, wartime, wary, wash (to -), washer, washerwoman, washing, Washington, wasp, wastage, waste, waste (to -), waste land, waste of money, waste substances, wasteful, watch, watchdog, watchdog timer, watchful, watching, watchmaker, watchman, watchtower, watchword, water, water inlet, water knot, water outlet, waterbed, watercourse, waterfall, watering, waterproof, waterworks, watery, watt, wattage, wave, wavelength, waver (to -), wavy, wax, way, wayfarer, wayward, we, weak, weaken (to -), weakling, weakly, weakness, wealth, wealthy, weapon, weaponry, wear, wear and tear, weariness, wearisome, weary, weasel, weather, weatherbeaten, weathering, weatherman, weatherproof, weave, weaver, web (to -), webmaster, website, wed (abbreviation for Wednesday), wed (to -), wedding, wedge, wedge shell, wedlock, Wednesday, wee, weed, week, weekday, weekend, weekly, weep (to -), weeping, weever, weft, weigh (to -), weight, weighted code, weighting, weightless, weighty, weir, weird, welcome (to -), weld (to -), welder, welding, welfare, well, well-being, well-done, well-known, Welsh, Welshman, welt, west, West Pomerania, western, wet, whale, whaler, wharf, what, whatever, wheat, wheedle (to -), wheel, wheel godet, wheelbarrow, wheelchair, wheeze


x value, x-axis, x-ray, x-ray (to -), X-window system, xenophobia, xiphoid appendix, Xobject, xylophone


y-axis, yacht, yachtsman, yak, yam, yank, Yankee, yard, yardstick, yarn, yawn, yawn (to -), yawning, yeah, year, yearbook, yearly, yearn (to -), yearning, yeast, yell, yell (to -), yellow, yellow clam, yellow pages, yellow-finned tuna, yellowfin tuna, yellowtail flounder, yelp, yes, yesterday, yet, yew, yield, yield (to -), yielding, yoke, yokel, yolk, yonder, you (formal), you (informal), young, youngster, your, youth, youthful, Yugoslav, Yugoslavia


Zagreb, Zagrev, zany, zap (to -), zeal, zealot, zealotry, zealous, zebra, zenith, zero, zestful, Zion, zip, zipper, zodiac, zonal, zone, zoo, zoological, zoologist, zoology, zoom, Zurich

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