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AA制 AA制 - ei1 ei1 zhi4
( /to split the bill/to go Dutch/)
〇 〇 - ling2
( /zero (same as 零)/)
㗂 㗂 - sheng3
( /variant of 省/tight-lipped/to examine/to watch/to scour (esp. Cantonese)/)
㥁 㥁 - de2
( /variant of 德, ethics/)
㨗 㨗 - jie2
( /variant of 捷/quick/nimble/)
㶸 㶸 - xie2
( /(precise meaning unknown, relates to iron)/variant of 劦 or of 協|协/)
㺵 㺵 - jiu2
( /black jade/variant of 玖/)
一 一
( [yi1] /one/single/a(n)/)
一 一 - yi1
( /one/1/single/a (article)/as soon as/entire/whole/all/throughout/)
一一 一一
( [yi1 yi1] /one by one/one after another/)
一一 一一 - yi1 yi1
( /one by one/one after another/)
一一對應 一一对应 - yi1 yi1 dui4 ying4
( /one-to-one correspondence/)
一一映射 一一映射 - yi1 yi1 ying4 she4
( /bijective map (i.e. map between sets in math. that is one-to-one and onto)/one-to-one correspondence/)
一丁不識 一丁不识 - yi1 ding1 bu4 shi2
( /illiterate, ignorant/)
一下 一下
( [yi1 xia4] /(adj) one time; once/(adv) in a short time; suddenly; all at once/)
一下 一下 - yi1 xia4
( /(used after a verb) give it a go/to do (sth for a bit to give it a try)/one time/once/in a while/all of a sudden/all at once/)
一下兒 一下儿
( [yi2 xiar4] /a little bit/a little while/)
一下兒 一下儿 - yi1 xia4 r5
( /erhua variant of 一下, a little bit/a while/)
一下子 一下子
( [yi2 xia4 zi5] /in a short while/all at once/all of a sudden/)
一下子 一下子 - yi1 xia4 zi5
( /in a short while/all at once/all of a sudden/)
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